A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in fm_alchemist,
A Guy Named Goo

The Twelve Days of Ficmas

For twelve days in December I am going to write and post twelve fanfics. These fanfics were requests, with the only stipulation being that they don't have to be Christmas related (I'd rather they not be, so this applies no matter what holiday you celebrate this season) and no doubles. So why should this concern you guys? Because after polling my friends, I am four fics short (I need more FMA-loving friends. Seriously). So here you go. First four people can request, and everyone else...meh, request anyway. If I get enough I may up it to 25.

If this is in any violation of anything, let me know. And warning: I will write anything, including any pairing. However, I greatly dislike EdWin for reasons that are varied and weird. If anyone requests it, I'll still write it, but it probably won't be long or great.

EDIT: And the twelve days are full. Thanks a lot to people who requested. ^_^ I'm finishing NaNo right now, but at some point next month I'll start posting these.

Fics will be written/posted from the bottom of the list up.

o/` On the twelfth day of ficmas, that Goo Guy gave to me...
Russel and Roy meeting (sailormac)
Izumi and Sig discuss Wrath (onyx_shinigami)
A Martel and Armor!Al romance (camudekyu)
A day for eight year old Roy (agent_honeywell)
Something about Scieszka (gisho)
Roy gives Al "the Talk" (neuujezu)
Roy and Havoc on dating (rougaroux)
Ed and Al with Mommy (kelles)
Izumi and Dante discuss men (reunion)
Fury gets some respect (okami_hu)
Roy and Hughes as war pals (mullenkamp)
And Ed and Heiderich being fluffy! (wofl_iron)o/`

Also, because I can't talk about my 12 Days of Ficmas without bringing it up, completely by coincidence my best friend slytherinblack started the community 12daysofficmas at the same time I started mine. It's a different, multi-fandom challenge community that may appeal to some people. Or you can do my version, no credit necessary. I don't care (someone else took my idea and applied it to other fandoms).
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