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Hi everyone! Finally got the lj-cut to work. Ill go back and delete the old posts in one second!

Title: The City of Lights and Dreams
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter, NC-17 overall
Warnings: Nudity, gore, cursing, the usual of a PG-13 fic/movie/whatever
Pairing(s): None in this chapter, except for a small minor couple that shows up maybe 2 minutes. I'll not mention the overall ones yet ;
Notes: I've been planning to do this fic series for a loooong time, and thank god i waited, my old writing is horrible T_T i think this first chapter came out pretty good, if not, then decent at least. Also, this somewhat follows all the storylines (movie, series, and manga). It's based as if episode 51 happened after the up-to-date manga events (yeah, meaning all the way up to chp 53 XD), but later on there will be some Roy x Ed hints, and other pairings too. I dont think they'll be considered hidden, but you get the idea.

Summary: Something horrible has happened to Ed, but in the blink of an eye he finds himself in Paris, France, crawling along the streets, begging anyone he can find to help him, seeing as he's injured to no end. He finds help from one of the most untrusted kinds of people around: a hooker named Mint. (wow bad summary....sorry ._.)

Paris, October 1925

Cobblestone paths were difficult to walk on, especially in the dark and when one was at their weakest. Blood dripped and rolled down to the corners of the ground's surface, sliding between its creases like a river. The young man it came from, who was notably blonde haired, despite the raw crimson color in his strands, was barely alive, cut open entirely along his body, and a raspy wheeze was in his throat as he breathed. His chest heaved, opening his thick gashes even further, little by little. Heavy eyes were lain on him, watching this gory figure trudge down the streets, begging for help. Edward's voice was barely audible, his body was battered, and his soul felt ripped apart.
He fell down to his knees, his fingers digging into the rock under him and dragging himself along. Memories haunted his mind, confusing him more and more. How did he get here? What happened at the gate? Nothing, maybe. How he managed to get from Auschwitz to Paris in an instant also boggled him, but thinking in the present, he didn't have time to waste reminiscing. The once proud and brave young man was now a beaten slug of the slums; there was nothing special left for him. As he slowly, pathetically approached a young gentleman and woman, he stared up at them with bloodshot, tired eyes and noted their joyous laughter. They kept at their joking ways until a burly car pulled up, it's engine revving and echoing down the near empty streets. Ed figured it must have been very early in the morning for no one to be out except few young, rich couples here and there. He reached out a hand, trying to get the young, but older than him, man's attention.

"Please....sir? Sir, please I need help..." he barely managed to gasp out. His voice, however was very hoarse, and was slightly understandable.
"Partir!" The man growled lowly to him, shooing away his hand, but Ed persisted.
"Please, help me!"
"Get away!" he yelled now, his accent extremely heavy and obvious that he knew barely any English at all. He swiped his leg sloppily into Ed's body, even that slight bump knocking him back. "You stay away!"

Edward watched the car sputter, only once, and then pull away when the two young adults had shut the rickety doors. His body rolled to its side, staring up at the people who walked by, trying to plea to them. His voice couldn't even gasp out anything now, so using hand signals was really all he could do, which really only scared the people away. As he crawled, he passed several shops; Blacksmith's Corner, the Crooked Corner, Jean's antiques. The second shop didn't seem like your usual store, loud yelling and happy laughing coming from it's doors, along with whistles, and a couple pretty young girls standing at it's entrance, wooing drunken men inside. The last man he came up to was gigantic; a work of nature in brawn. Ed didn't know why he was going to ask this man for anything, maybe he was that desperate, but he would probably regret it.


There was this woman, laying on her velvet covered couch, very poise, but lax at the same time; she knew what she was doing. Her looks could make a man's heart stop, that is, if they had a heart for a hooker. This woman in particular had stunning peppermint hair, long and laying sprawled out on her shoulders, breasts, and some slipping its way to lay on the comfy seat under her. Her figure was absolutely perfect and defined, and this lucky s.o.b was taking pictures of her. She was going to be the next 'postcard girl' as they called it, which was a literal term: she was voted to be on a stripper series of post cards. The beer bellied thing that was currently the photographer, clicked a few more times and then pulled out from under the cover sheet on the camera.

"Alright, you're done," his gruff voice stated as he turned and opened two tall beer bottles, sliding one over to her. She stared at it as she picked it up, tipping it a little.
"Bootleg?" she asked, catching his odd glance at her. "I'm assuming."
"Yeah, what of it?"
"Calm down. I just haven't had this stuff in a long time. But it's getting popular again, huh?"

No answer. That was a first...

The short man drank the last of his beer, tossing the glass bottled carelessly into the trash can next to the door. After gathering together all of his equipment, he snapped the lock on the tripod, securing it closed, and propped it under his probably odered arm. He nodded his head to her.

"Congrats, baby. You're the new postcard girl."
"My NAME is Mint. And no shit-!" she said with a cocky, sardonic look on her face as he slammed the door behind himself.

She gave a low growl, tossing a silk robe over her exposed body. She looked down at it now, past the expensive material at her breasts, her eyes fixed on them, looking almost confused. She raced to the bathroom, snapping the light on, revealing her dirty beige colored walls, watching her mirror intently. She shoved the fabric out of the way, taking each of them, cupping them in her hands and guessing their size. She beamed, having no idea how well endowed she became (and without alteration)! Mint placed her hands firmly on her hips, grinning at her wonderful figure, tossing her hair back over her shoulder, like all the rich folks she knew did.

Since her life could be considered somewhat low, her form was her only indulgence. Everything else just came as it would.

A sudden, loud thud pulled Mint's lips from the bottle of alcohol in her hand, and turned her gaze to the window. Securing her robe closer to herself, she walked up to it and looked out, watching a somewhat older, angry man wailing at some poor form in his grip before shoving him it down. Mint frowned, quickly opening her apartment door and going downstairs, swinging open the front door to find a young adult, sniveling in the cold of October, the lights from the next door shop illuminating, partially, his bloody, pale face. His eyes had some strength in them, yet. It seemed like under normal circumstances, he'd be a pawky, crafty individual, but now he didn't look like much; maybe a corpse.

"Oh my God, what happened to you?" Mint asked instantly, crouching down, placing her hands on his shoulders.

Sadly, he wasn't able to answer, and simply fell to his side, the suddenly panicked woman barely able to catch him. Her mind started racing, but she stopped herself, trying to calm down. She stood and pulled the unconscious young man up, dragging him as carefully as she could up the stairs to her apartment.
After closing the door, she didn't stop for breath, and proceeded to her phone, dialing a familiar number.

"Mel? It's me..No, I didn't do anything! You bastard, just come here quick! No time to...NO! Mel, there's a situation here, just come quick!" And she slammed the phone down on its jack.


"Well, we can't move him anymore. He'll bleed to death." the tall, light haired man stated tiredly, looking down at Ed, his body just then laid on Mint's bed. He looked exhausted beyond belief, as if he hadn't slept in days, perhaps more than a week? Mint sat down next to the bed, tossing her skirt's flap aside a little, cold wood pressing on her bare legs, looking at him concerned.

"You think he'll live?"
"I'm pretty sure...But only if he gets rest, and I mean almost constant."
"Yes." was her simple answer, her eyes not leaving the boy laying before her.
"I think I could have someone come and get him tomorrow-"
"No need. I'll take care of him."

Ed looked over to where he swore he heard his mother's soft, somewhat broken up voice, seeing this finely shaped, fiery woman instead. His vision had begun to swim about, he gave in to his drowsy state, letting sleep take him. Mint watched him as soon enough, he started to shake slightly. Getting up, she walked lazily over to her closet, and brought out yet another thick comforter from the mess of sheets and blankets, and set it over him, his body instantly loving the warmth and moving in closer with it. It reminded him of someone. It happened just like before, only this time no one was laying next to him. She sat again, waiting for the next time he'd wake up, going through some of his belongings.

That was one thing she was never embarrassed about; looking through other people's things. She pulled out a dark blue passport, opening and looking at it. Without being bruised and torn apart, the boy was quite handsome, for being so young compared to her. The passport had recently been renewed, so she assumed it was a definite that he traveled alot. Her eyes went to his name and her eyebrow raised a little, thumb rubbing over the sealed ink. She looked up again at him, seeing his eyes open yet again, pained, and staring out her window. It took only seconds for him to feel her eyes on his, making him turn his head back slowly to look at her.

"Your name is Edward?" she asked, quietly.
He nodded his head a little.
"Can't you talk?"
The boy didn't say anything, but it looked as if he were trying his damnedest, but stopped abruptly when he felt Mint light rub his arm, leaning forward to him.
"It's alright. You don't have to force yourself."


Mint woke up to a thud and small choking noises. Her eyes opened, instantly feeling a pretty bad ache in her back (probably from carrying that kid up the stairs last night), staring at an empty bed and suddenly she snapped awake. She stood up, ready to wreck the whole house looking for him, but found his body laying on the other side of the bed, curled up, with tears running down his cheeks from the impact. She ran around the bed, trying to help him up.

"What were you thinking?! Why are you down here?" she asked, stupidly; why else could he have wanted to be on the floor?

Ed struggled with her until she accidentally dropped him. She growled, not thinking and grabbing him roughly.

"I didn't want to do this! But you're leaving me no choice!" she yelled, quickly dragging his body to the bed again and using a light colored sheet to tie him to it. "Now, look...You're injured right now, and you can't be moving around everywhere because you'll open your wounds again...Understand?"

Ed didn't say anything, but the glare in his eyes suggested, 'Oh? So what the hell do you think you're doing to me??

"I'm not going to hurt you, okay? I want to help, but you trying to escape me or something is only going to worsen your condition!" she said, calming down a little, Ed's breathing slowing to a normal pace. "Can I trust you? You're going to HAVE to trust me 'cause I'm all you got for now."

Ed was quiet for a bit, just now noticing how she didn't bear a heavy French accent like the other people here. Even that doctor she called in (Mel, was his name?) sounded at least a little of origin. He nodded to her eventually, letting Mint pull the blanket off and let him lay unrestricted to the bed. She sighed and stood up, straightening the skirt she had on, which could barely pass as 'clothing'. "You want some water?" she asked, knowing his throat was probably dry if he couldn't talk.

He nodded again, somewhat apologetically. She walked out of the room, heaving a sigh, almost wanting Edward to hear it, returning seconds later with some water in a small, brass tinted cup. She sat next to him on the bed again and helped him to drink a little. He would have said a thanks, but instead signaled to her for some paper. She searched the area within five feet of them, finding a napkin and a pen under the bed, giving it to him. He scribbled a sloppy note and held it up to her with a grin.

I could have done it myself you know

Then his automail gave and he felt suddenly paralyzed, the napkin flopping in the air a bit and dropping to the floor, the pen to follow.

okay, end of first chapter. so short right? ;_; im sorry...it looked longer when i wrote it in my notebook, but i promise the next chapters will be longer if i have to cheese em up to hell >_O

i think my major flaw is that i used ALOT of run on sentences....yes? no? also, how's my vocabulary? do i repeat a lot? ._.

lemme know what u think ^^;; maybe character analysis? what you thought of mint? ed?....mel? (*cough* no one cares about him* XD)

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