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Doujinshi Dump. :D

All right, well I've seen a lot of people post their doujinshi places, so I figured I'd share mine as well. I haven't been given permission by the circle to scan and reproduce their doujinshi... but I also didn't see anywhere exploited that I wasn't allowed to. So. If anyone catches word that artist/circle would prefer I not share their stuff, let me know, please. Thank you. Warning: All doujinshi uploaded are Roy/Ed paired.

Warning Again, in Case you missed it before: All of these doujinshi are paired Roy/Ed.

First, we have Flower Bomb*Bomb.
This one deals with Roy having allergy problems (I believe the point is he is allergic to cats?), and Edward attempts to help take care of him. ...Bathtub!sex ensues. XD

Next is Service Center.
Closest you can get to PWP with daen. Edward stresses over the fact that he has feelings for Roy, but Roy is only in the relationship for sex. ...Which there is a lot of in this one. ^^;

Third is Kenja no Propeller.
This doujinshi has been posted before under the name "I Can Fly".. which is wrong, considering the katakana "pu-ro-pe-ra" is clearly on the cover. I'm not entirely sure of the kanji, but it looks like what I recognize to be "bokutachi". Correct me if I'm wrong, please?

And finally, 2nd Letter.
This one is entirely gen, though Roy/Ed is apparent. Post-series, interaction between Edward and Hohenheim.

I have a fifth doujinshi of daen's I've yet to scan in its entirety... I'll make a second post with it once I have done so. If taking, leave a comment and let me know so I know when to update the YSI files. If they die before I get to them, someone please let me know so I can fix 'em? ^^

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