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27 November 2005 @ 12:34 pm
[MOD post]  
As you may or may not be aware, fm_alchemist has had IP logging turned on for several months now, but we have still allowed anonymous commenting. Now, thanks to a fellow user who decided to abuse the anon commenting and log out to flame someone, and due to the ridiculous wankfest that happened in that icon post the past few days, anon commenting has been turned off indefinitely. It may or may not be returned once the mods consult each other about what to do about it.

On the subject of that icon post, I would like to say now that anyone caught perpetuating wank caused by a troll from now on will also be issued warnings and possibly bannings, depending on the severity of the flaming going on on both sides. The only reason this didn't happen this time was because many of the mods were gone or busy this weekend and only saw the post after the fact. Any individual warnings issued would be reactionary rather than proactive. This is us being proactive right now: Please do not make yourselves into asshats just to get back at an asshat. Contact a mod, it's as simple as that. We can log IPs and track and ban users. If you choose to not let a mod handle it, then there will be consequences. All flaming will be dealt with accordingly by the mods.

Think before you post, you guys.


mikkeneko had this to say:

"Anonymous posting is (or was until recently) a way to allow nonregistered users to participate in this community. It is not intended to be a vehicle for registered comm members to act provocatively without fear of retaliation from other users. The mods can and do track IP addresses and if we see that the anon commenting feature is being abused in this manner, we will take steps.

"Furthermore, just as anon commenting is not a license to act rudely, an anonymous or trolling post does not excuse any of the other comm members from adhering to the expected standards of civility. You are expected to be responsible and civil on the comm at all times, not merely when you feel like it. Flaming and troll-baiting, whether anonymous or signed, are not acceptable ways of dealing with a provocative statement -- contact a mod. 'Don't feed the trolls' isn't just a piece of advice; it's a rule and will be enforced as such."
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Rychannabikchan on November 27th, 2005 10:13 pm (UTC)
Yes you were. I do appreciate your apology to her. I think all of us had our fit of overreacting, I was trying to protect her more than anything.

Siv's returned at least somewhat to DA since then, hopefully she'll start posting her artwork again.

Honestly, before all that started, I didn't know how young she was...
「 JL 」jlarinda on November 27th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, that's good to know, I don't regret saying I didn't like the pic (maybe the way I phrased it), but I was a bit sad that she'd deleted her account (or something, I think she had deleted the pic? Don't remember well) just cause of that. Like I told her, nothing should stop her drawing if she likes to.
Rychannabikchan on November 27th, 2005 10:20 pm (UTC)
She had deleted her entire gallery.
「 JL 」jlarinda on November 27th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that. I was a bit upset about that. You could flame me horribly and I'd never delete my stuff or anything! Nor would I stop drawing. Ever. :S