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23 FMA icons on your way! ^_^

Hello there! Remember when I said I have some icons finished in my folder but never get time to post those stuffs? Well, you see, I thought I'll post it along with the ones I did this morning - I sort of carried away, what's with all the beautiful tutorials and textures and all, and these are the finished products. ^_^;; I thought I'll share them with you guys, so here they are! Might contain post-series spoilers, so beware!

Alphonse - 5
Edward - 7
Roy - 5
Roy/Ed - 3
Al/Winry - 2
Ed and Al - 1

Post Series - Alphonse Elric Christmas - Edward Shy Love - Roy/Ed Trance - Roy Mustang

( Silently Unlocked )

Feel free to take one, but remember: Comment first, take what you like, and credit me. ^__^ Hope you enjoy the treat!


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