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Fic-Drabble. Roy's Point of View

Someone directed me to a generator that gave me the following:

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
rain, pillow, cigarette

I don't think this qualifies as G, but it's as close to G as I have ever been. Think I managed the rest okay? Please note, this is my first time writing FMA, and it's my first drabble.

Pair: Roy and Envy
Rating: Yellow (Light Warning for homosexual implications. Nothing explicit.)
If you have NOT watched up to or beyond episode 25, this drabble contains a series Spoiler!!!!!!

It was a lie.

He knew it was a lie.

The man that walked into the bar could not look so much like Maes that it made his heart hurt. He didn't move like and sound so much like Maes that he thought he was going insane, that the funeral had been a horrid dream and he was just waking up. The smell of the man when he got close, when he asked Roy if he had a light for the cigarette dangling lazily from between his lips, was not so much like Maes that it brought back memories of shared nights and kisses stolen on duty.

They walked together silently in the rain, and Roy told himself that this man was not Maes, would never be Maes, and was, indeed, just another random body to keep his bed warm for another night. But the sight and smell and sound of the man were so disconcertingly, perfectly, exactly Maes that Roy wondered if he hadn't truly gone just a little mad.

Later, before Roy rolled over and began to dress, he let his fingers touch the dark hair, still slightly damp from the rain and their sweat, that rested thickly on the pillow. The man appeared to be asleep, but Roy knew better than most that appearances were nothing if not deceiving.

It was a lie. He knew that.

But for one moment, it had been the sweetest lie that he had ever been told.

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