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Thoughts to interrupt your work day.

Or school, whichever.

I've got some questions that I thought about a week ago, and waited around to see if anyone brought them up...and they may have been brought up, and I'm just really unobservant. Which I am.

Anyway...this doesn't have to do with THE spoiler, but it's still a spoiler for latter episodes, so...

I've got a couple questions, and both have to do with Barry.

1.) Who fixed Barry? Scar busted Barry's arm off in...whichever episode that was. Edward said there was a "trick" to fixing Al, so the same trick must apply to Barry. Meaning, whoever fixed him also knows "soul alchemy", and is also nearby.

2.) Is Barry really dead? The last time we see him, he's floundering around on the ground, freaking out but still in the living world. Scar crushes his helmet and he goes silent, but if Barry was still alive, crushing the helmet would have done nothing. Could he have just played dead after that?

I don't like Barry much, but that episode made the little "wtf?" alarms in my head go off.

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