Stephanie (animethief92) wrote in fm_alchemist,

First Royai fic ever!

Hi! This is my first Roy/Riza fic EVER! I'd be happy for any comments/criticism you have to offer!

Title: Living Equivalence
Author: animethief92
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: PG (maybe not even that!)
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
Author's Note: I haven't really run this by any betas yet, so there might be some things that are wrong with it but please enjoy anyway!
X-posted to: fma_ai, fma_het, fma_fluff

It was beyond surreal, and even beyond the limits of phenomenal. Nothing could’ve seemed more right if every country in the world was at peace. This feeling was better than anyone could even imagine the way world peace would. Then again, world peace is probably unattainable while he had gotten this forbidden fruit.

In his own short-sighted manner, Roy had taken Riza to himself and refused to let her go to any other man. This was an expression of his undying love for her, or at least that’s what she liked to think. When in reality, it was just his jealousy of any other man even talking to Riza unless it was Havoc, Fuery, Breda, Falman, Al, or Ed.

There were also times she wondered why they seemed to go together so well. They were practically the law of equivalent exchange in living, breathing form. Roy Mustang was truly an actor; putting on an air that he was always pompous, tactless, annoying to Ed, and a procrastinator. But when he had to be serious, he was. Riza on the other hand was an actor as well; except she put on an air of being strict, but when she was actually emotional, loving, and truly beautiful even though she tried to hide it with a uniform.

Nobody was able to say they weren’t meant for each other, but the only thing that made others gawk was the fact they finally admitted they did like each other. If Hughes had been alive to see it, he probably would’ve bugged Roy to plan a baby shower for when Riza would have a child of their own but Roy couldn’t really see that happening so soon.

As he looked over at the woman he had fallen in love with so long ago, he wondered why it took him this long to confess. She was beautiful and utterly graceful, even on the battlefield. The mere thought gave him shivers, and as she turned over he could see her at peace. He loved seeing her serene smile and how her hair framed her face made her look so much more stunning.

The only thing he wanted to convince her to do now was to allow her hair to be down sometimes. He knew that might earn him a slap later on.

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