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12 pieces of fanart

Hi. I bring fanart. Half is stuff I put in the "smut" category, and a majority of THAT is ye olde RoyEd. I can't really separate the links, though I would like to, so instead it's all in this one cut. >_> Don't worry, the normal stuff is at the top and kind of separated from the rest, and there are links and warnings everywhere. I don't think it'll be TOO hard to find what you're looking for, but just in case. (For those of you that read my diary, don't pay too much attention to this, because there's not much that's new.)

He's, um, reading something. If this was in color, it would be INSTANTLY obvious that this is also a picture of Ed in his new clothes from Chapter 8 of Emily's "Ever" story. ...but, uh, it ain't, Ed in white for you! Haw haw! XB (I'd rather see him in nothing anyway)

...bad joke in Japanese. This one's so old I'm having trouble remembering how I figured it out, so no explanation again~ (You can also tell it's old because Roy looks funny =_= wasn't making the effort to draw him right yet...) Roy helping Hawkeye learn to shake. Or helping her teach Black Hayate to shake, oh so sorry didn't hear you right guh huh huh me hold pretty girl's hand! LOLOLOLOLOL I don't know how I let the size on this one get so little, but I'm pissed off about it because you can barely see Black Hayate going "..." at Roy.

The Root of All Evil might not be worksafe/shirtless Ed, Black Hayate, Evil Evil Fluff Crap
Lock the doors, close the windows, and get the kids in the house, because there is nothing more EVIL (but WONDERFUL) than shirtless boys and puppies. Especially together. It doesn't look like Black Hayate, but puppies is puppies. (And Black Hayate does not have four tails, he's wagging his ONE tail. Like Biscuit.)

Inefficient Paperweights
Why did Fury cross the street? To get to the BABY CHICKENS!!!!!!!!11 Hawkeye is on vacation or sick or something and Havoc is left to babysit Roy. Meanwhile, Havoc is left to babysit Roy, and now Fury as well, or at least the abandoned chicks he somehow found. (Yeah, he brought in a puppy, we can blame it on him.) Havoc doesn't know WHAT to do with any of it, since Fury said he definitely can't eat the birdies, so he figures he could at least get them all together in one place. What follows is...

Roy's $64 million question
Not an important picture, but I like to listen to myself talk feel that the subject merits further attention. Because Sleepy Roy is OMFG KEEYOOT. I've managed to forget the name and author, but some fanfic I read said that Hawkeye was the only person who could tell the difference between "I am annoyed" and "I am asleep." That's INTOLERABLY cute. So now not only do I put the sweet tooth on Roy, I put the "not a morning person" on him, too.

Morning After might not be worksafe/shirtlessness, domestic RoyEd, and shaving (but not, like...yeah.)
Um, YES, I HAVE been at this one with Photoshop! :D I was thinking at first that Roy would be the type to use a straight razor. They're pretty, and the idea of Roy sharpening his razor with one of those strop...things...what are they again...was really TANTALIZING, but then I found out most people used safety razors by 1915ish, so. I had a very hard time deciding whether Roy should be in the middle of shaving, or just finishing up and checking to see that everything's smooth. I decided on the latter because he's also practicing his scheming Colonel look a teeny bit. (He used to say "Damn, I'm sexy" to his reflection in the mirror in the morning when he had time...)

OKAY ADULT STUFF BELOW NOW!!! :D If you don't want to look, then BEAT IT. I can't take responsibility for ruining your virgin eyes if you see something you aren't supposed to.

Ye Olde EdWin EdWin/R for horny teenagery making out, halter tops are so easy to deal with
Yes, it's EdWin. I don't care what position they're in. Sorry Winry's butt looks a little funny. EdWin is a battle between Ed, who is always trying to keep his icky cold automail arm (WHICH I DID NOT DRAW AGAIN OOPSY-DAISY) away from Winry, and Winry, who is always trying to get Ed to touch her with his nice cool hard MECHA YAY arm.

Twofer! :D EdEd/PG-13 for hugging, reluctant uke, and I MIXED THE BLUE PILLS WITH THE RED PILLS TODAY :D
Jesus CHRIST this picture was fun to draw. I got the idea from, duh, Envy showing off his mad transformation skills, and this vaguely RoyRoy picture I saw on a Japanese site somewhere. ...I mean, GOD. It's just SO GREAT. The fuck with explaining why or how. XD

Roy having way too much fun Mostly Roy/PG-13 for whip, high-heeled leather boots, and Smirk That Turned Into a Grin
This started when I felt the need to draw a picture of Roy Being a Pervert, or "unforgivable." It didn't work until I put in the devilish grin, and when I did I actually had to leave it alone for a little while because I was gigging too much to concentrate. I think he's mostly doing it for Hawkeye, or to show off to Hawkeye, but as usual, she's not falling for it. (Don't worry, she's gonna save Ed, too.)

Had to happen some time RoyEd/PG-13 for original character, legs, and watching things
Library. ...I just thought this picture had to be drawn. If only to satisfy my fangirl instincts. VERY FUN TO DRAW.

Ed...ride...*dies* EdRoy/strong R for rope, couch-san, OH GOD JUST KILL ME NOW.
...LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY *dies of embarrassment* The original idea was this and this. I quietly held these sextacular beautiful thoughts in my heart until the day came that I could draw them and maybe try to do them justice. When I finally got something I wanted to scan, I had to clean it up and make a bigger version. Well, I had to, because Emily wrote me a fic. *clings* I LOVE YOU

Roy and Roy on Ed/strong R for threesome, and, uh.
Like most porn, it's pretty self-explanatory. I don't think it's very good---it has that hentai disease where you can't see the fucker's face, only the fuckee's. And some other tiny things with position I finally got fed up with. But I think the idea is very important. Revolutionary. Or, um...noble? Inspiring? ...I'm so sorry.

Again, very sorry I couldn't separate these. (I would like to, but I'm kind of nervous about making a whole extra post just for smut.) Enjoy. XB

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