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[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxAl
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes.
[Chatter] Have a little more fluff to balance things out. Sex stuff. Enjoy.


The walk back was fairly uneventful, there was just Ed’s flesh hand tangled with Al’s. It made something thrill up Al’s spine as he bumped shoulders with his brother, feeling Ed unconsciously walk just a bit closer, walking in the sanctuary of Al’s shoulder which was warm against the cool night wind and the dampness that was beginning to set in with the dark.

“Ed…I…” Al began as they came into sight of the porch light of the old house up on the hill.

Ed stopped then, turning to face Al, eyes serious, and for some reason, a bit lighter than Al was used to seeing them. Some sort of darkness, some kind of aching pain, seemed to have lifted.

“Ed, I…have no idea…what I am supposed to do or think. Or what anyone else would think…I just…am going to follow my heart and see where that gets me. If I do something wrong…you just…have to tell me.”

Ed smiled up at Al then easily.

“Why don’t we just let what happens happen? If we can survive the gate, if we can survive death and torture and Homunculi and loss, we can certain survive this. We have each other, no matter what? Right?”

Al nodded back slowly.

They did have something. The tentative beginnings of something. Al could feel it in the way Ed held his hand. Feel the delicate /rightness/ of what was washing back and forth between them.

He also knew that there was a long way to go with this. There were a lot of secrets between them that hung like heavy weights. They were both carrying the world on their shoulders still, when they could carry the load together and make it half the weight. He also knew that that trust would come with time, if neither of them gave up on the other.

“I don’t want…to let go…” Al said softly as he stared at the house in the distance.

“Neither do I.” Ed said softly as he slid his fingers apart from Al’s. “But what do you say we head back and go to bed. I need some sleep.”


Al sat there patiently as Ed unwound his bandages on his arm. The sutures had gotten infected after they had taken them out, and so the doctor had reopened part of the injury and cleaned it. Now it was healed over again, and it looked pretty good.

“I don’t think you need this anymore.” Ed said softly, giving the fresh scar a cursory stroke with the back of his automail hand.

“No, I think it’s better.” Al said softly as he leaned over to rest the clean and wrapped bandages on the nightstand. Ed blinked at him as he did so, stopping Al with a touch to his chest.

Al looked down, noticing his button down nightshirt had gapped and the edge of the tattoo was obvious.

“Oh? That?” Al asked softly.

“You have a tattoo?!” Ed said, acting just a tiny bit outraged.

“It was…for a reason.” Al said quietly, staring sadly at the floor.

“Who the hell would give someone underage a tattoo?! No one even in Central would do that.” Ed said, hands on his hips now.

“I uh…did it myself.” Al said glumly.

Ed twitched and Al flinched again.

“Let me see it.”

“No, really, Ed you don’t have to make such a big d…”

Ed was already unbuttoning Al’s sleep shirt. Baring the planes of Al’s broadening chest, and the crimson tattoo.

Ed’s breath left his lungs in a rush.

His flesh fingers came up to trace the design slowly, sadly, as understanding crossed his features.

“Oh Al…you took it hard…didn’t you.” Ed whispered. “How did you do this?”

“I started with a blade and a mirror…” Al replied obediently while blushing absolutely scarlet.

Ed blinked at Al. “A blade and a…why?!”

“I wanted to never forget what her life and death had taught me. I wanted her near to my heart, always…” Al said, clicking his ankles together nervously.

“You what, mixed your blood with ink?”

“Yeah, and then I used alchemy to smooth the lines.” Al said.

Ed frowned, making a sound low in his throat. Obviously not certain how he felt about what Al had done to his body, probably understanding why and then hating that Al had hurt himself to do it.

“Al.” Ed said then, finally settling for kneeling between Al’s legs, resting his cheek against the tattoo directly against Al’s chest.

He could feel his brother trembling.

“What happened? Really happened?” Ed asked.

Al shook his head.

“I got lost. Lost in my obsessions, lost in my pain and my desperation. It ate at me…and it…I missed you…so much. I couldn’t really be okay. That’s why, being here, it…embarrasses me. Auntie and Winry sent me away because when I was here I studied so obsessively…they were just worried, but I feel like they don’t want me here, don’t want me anymore. I felt…the last few days, that you didn’t want me either.” Al’s voice choked with pain and he had to stop, stroking Ed’s hair. “I don’t know what I would have done…if you had told me…you hated me tonight. Maybe that is weird but…I can’t take not being wanted around anymore. I can’t take any more losing or struggling without a goal, without…without something to look forward to.”

Al could feel a tear against the bare skin of his chest.

“Al…I’m sorry…I just…didn’t want…to make the mistake of losing you. You are the most important thing there is to me. You are my family, my best friend, the one thing I had left, and if I drove you away with my…need, I would have hated myself even more…I am sorry that I left you Al…I’m sorry that I didn’t think that I was important enough to you to know that being without me would destroy you. I’m sorry you lost all your memories, had to go through all that…awkwardness…alone.”

“Oh, don’t kid yourself Brother. You would have teased me mercilessly.”

“That too.” Ed said with a soft grunt of exhaustion.

Al smiled down at Ed, and then leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“I’m still taller.” Al said, grinning.

Ed came up off his knees like a shot.

“Who are you calling so short that even his younger brother is taller than him?!” Ed hissed.

“You.” Al said bluntly. “And I think I’m a better alchemist than you now too.”

Ed spluttered angrily, staring at Al in disbelief. “Just because you’re thinking it doesn’t mean you have to /say/ it.” Ed said, sulking angrily.

“But.” Al continued as Ed settled a bit. “I will never be as handsome as you, I will never be as graceful or as fast or as smart.”

Ed grunted then, sinking to the bed.

“Has anything come out of your mouth tonight that isn’t utter bullshit?” Ed asked, making light of the pain enough that they both could at least lie down without feeling guilty.

“Hard to say.” Al said, shaking his head ruefully as Ed clawed his way achingly beneath the covers. Al buttoned his shirt back up, and then crawled into bed next to Ed, who held the covers back for him invitingly. “So are you still mad at me for this?” Al asked, cupping a hand over his heart.

“Hell yes!” Ed said with almost too much conviction to be serious.

Especially when he threw his automail arm over Al’s waist and pulled him to his chest tenderly, moving so that Al could have his usual spot on the pillow just under Ed’s chin.

“How’s the pain?” Al asked Ed about his new automail cautiously.

“Already took something for it.” Ed said lowly.

“Okay.” Al said, snuggling close to Ed, needing the comfort, the reassurance of Ed’s grip.

An easy silence stole through the room, the crickets chirping outside the window and the bit of a cool breeze that promised rain slid through the room, ruffling curtains and wall hangings as Al let Ed hold him. As he curled closer and closed his eyes with a trusting sigh. Ed would be there for him in the morning. He would wake up and Ed would be there, would be holding him close. And caring the way he needed him to care.


The world dropped out from underneath him, coiling in on him like sand in an hourglass. He was going under in the blackness, and the pain seared through as his lungs as he struggled to hold his breath. Someone grabbed his hand just as he could no longer hold on, someone was pulling him upwards and he hit solid ground coughing.

A half formed arm, with a very familiar pale hand and glinting wedding band still was holding on to him as he tried to draw air. No, oh no! He tried to struggle away, but could not. The roots of the trees rose up around him, pinning him weak and thrashing to the dirt.

“How could you do this Alphonse?! How can you commit this sin!” The voice echoed.

“Master…I didn’t do this…Master…I didn’t!” He cried out as he followed the arm to the body, watched the heart beat with a wet sucking sound, the lungs struggle to function until his gaze reached eyes. They were a mass of jelly against bone. Hair was matted and tangled and…caught in someone’s fist? The strange hand was not strange at all, his mother, his mother was holding Izumi’s half formed corpse at a cruel angle, bowing that throat to her will.

“You know the price Alphonse.” She said quietly, eyes dead and cold, filled with eerie hatred.

“Momma?!” Al sobbed. “Why are you doing this?!”

“You know the price of sin Son. You know the price of interfering, of playing god…you fail. Man always fails, and then there is hurt and suffering.”

“Momma…I…please…please stop doing this!”

The specter faded then into a puddle, and the puddle became an angry sea and then Al was falling, drowning, adrift in the dark of the ocean, and he was trapped within armor again, except his physical body was too…he was choking again this time, not in sand, but in the water. He tried to take a breath and gurgled, gagging. For the longest time he could not move, just watch the fitful light of the surface fading away with the roots holding him still, twisting around him.


He screamed in a film of bubbles as he clapped his hands together.

There was a shiver against his skin and then he was on Land.

His body hit with a jolt, and there was a sudden pain in his arm. He looked down to find only a bloody stump. Above him a giant animal snarled, stripping the flesh from his severed arm, eating it in messy lumps.

Al screamed as long as he could draw breath, as the thing descended on him, shaking its lion’s head from side to side menacingly, teeth bared.

“Momma!” He cried out in terror.

There was another pain in his arm, and then everything faded.


“Al…Al…wake up…Al!”

Al opened his eyes to the darkness of a room. He was struggling for air, his heart hammering in his chest and his body was damp with sweat. He was lying in a tangled heap of blankets on the floor.

Ed was kneeling over him, shaking his shoulders.

“Ed?” Al asked breathlessly just before he knocked his brother over, wrapping his arms mercilessly around that slighter form and clinging. “Ed…Ed….Ed…” Al sobbed his name tearlessly into his brother’s shoulder, nuzzling into the tangle of undone golden braid.

“It was just a dream Al…it can’t hurt you.” Ed comforted, slowly rocking Al a bit. “Though you hit your arm on the end table.”

Al let Ed cradle him without complaint. Let Ed rock him until he was shivering in his soaked pajamas and his heart rate had slowed.

“Let’s get you out of these.” Ed said softly, unbuttoning Al’s nightclothes and slipping him out of the damp fabric.

Ed said nothing about Al’s nakedness, just wrapped him in a thick blanket off the end of the bed.

“Just a dream.” Ed repeated understandingly. “You were crying out for Mom…are you okay?”

Al nodded then, swallowing hard as Ed chafed at the blankets.

“Let’s lie back down. You don’t have to sleep, just lay down and try to calm down.” Ed tried to reassure.

Al objected, balking for a moment as Ed got him back on the bed and tried to lay him back.

Ed gave him a serious look, and then Al complied, sagging back to the mattress.

“There now.” Ed said, sighing tiredly. “Let’s get you under the covers?”

Al was too traumatized to resist. In this, Ed was always his big brother. Ed was always doing things like this.

“I saw Master…and Mom. Mom told me that…everything was my fault, and then there was this…chimera and it tore my arm off, and then it was eating it while I laid there and bled…I was drowning and…there was blood…Ed!” Al cried out, working himself up again.

“Come on Al, it was just a dream…” There was a light of pained understanding in Ed’s eyes.

“Ed! I don’t want…it…it…”

Ed slid his flesh leg up over Al’s thighs, curled up tightly against his side and cradled him with automail arm around his ribs.

“Just calm down Al, no matter how real it felt, it was just a dream.”


“Al, I won’t let anything hurt you, now slow down, and rest.” Ed said wearily.

“I’m sorry.” Al whimpered.

“Don’t be sorry, just slow down, you’re exhausted. You’ve been looking after me so much the last few days.”

“Maybe.” Al said wearily.

“No maybe about it. I’m here and I will take care of you. That’s what big brothers do.” Ed reassured.

“Okay.” Al whined softly, cuddling as close to Ed as he could get and tried very hard to relax, to go back to sleep.


When he woke again, the summer sun was pouring through the windows and warming his face, piercing through his eyelids. He was hot and loath to move for some reason. He stretched once, experimentally and felt a cool metal leg tangled with his.

Cracking one eye open proved that Ed was out cold and had predictably hogged the bed. The only real problem was that it must have gotten warmer towards dawn, and they both seemed to have sprawled out under the sheets, trying to seek cooler places without having to stop touching one another completely. This meant that automail and flesh were in literal tangles, and Al was sleeping at an odd, albeit perfectly comfortable, angle in the space Ed had allotted him.

Oh yes. And he was naked.

Apparently, quite happily. He blinked again and then peered under the blankets.

Oh, not again.

He turned then, to glance at Ed who was stirring next to him. Oh great, now this wasn’t going to be embarrassing again, was it?

Sleepy gold opened to meet Al’s, gold wide and suddenly joyous.

“It’s…really real…isn’t it?” Ed said, his voice gruff with sleep.

Al gave Ed a tentative smile.

“Yeah Ed, it’s real.” Al said, and then promptly forgot how to speak as a strong flesh hand caressed his bare stomach.

Al shuddered and arched with a gasp.

“And if it’s real.” Ed said quietly. “Then you won’t mind if I do this.” Ed said lowly as his hands wandered lower and Al keened in surprise and pleasure. “I wanted to do this so badly the first morning after I came back.” Ed said, rolling onto his side and closer to Al.

“Ed…Ed…you did…what are you…nhh…doing?!” Al squeaked as Ed’s hand closed around his need and Al couldn’t talk anymore.

“What, you’ve never done this for yourself?” Ed asked.


“It’s different when someone else does it, huh?” Ed prompted as he slid the covers back so that he could sit up, so that he could explore Al’s bare chest with his automail hand as his other made a few more gentle tugs at Al’s need.

Al was writhing at the sensation, warm touching him so intimately, holding him tightly, caressing and tugging, skating across veins and the delicate v just under the head.

“Ed!” Al squeaked just before Ed’s lips were against his own, and that hand was moving away to instead knead at Al’s hip, to stroke up his sides. The things Ed was making him feel…the emotions were so…strong.

He let Ed’s tongue in reflexively, remembering how good this felt before. He knew he should have been thinking about this, being nervous, or wondering what was next. He didn’t know what Ed wanted, how far he would push this…but he did know one thing. Ed could do what he wanted, and Al would let him do it. If he didn’t like it, he could always just say so. He trusted Ed to stop.

When Ed’s mouth finally left his, Al’s lower lip was kiss swollen, and he was gulping for air. Ed’s mouth was working its way lower, caressing carefully. Memorizing, worshipping.

Al was whining aloud, gasping when Ed’s tongue occasionally flicked out, warm and quick. Ed was drinking him in, burning him alive with this strange sensation. He never knew it could feel so good just to be touched. Long ago when Winry had tickled him perhaps. But this didn’t tickle, what Ed was doing to him, it made something in him roar to life, something hungry and demanding.

When Ed’s mouth closed around his nipple, he cried out in sheer surprise. The sensation had gone from his stomach to someplace much lower in one electric jolt.

“Ed…I need…I need something…more…please?” Al pleaded even though he didn’t know what he exactly /needed/.

Golden eyes were taking in Al’s. They were wide, hungry, satisfied like a cat with a saucer of cream. Al knew he was giving Ed a helpless gaze in return. There was a tension at the base of his spine, there was an ache in his chest, and something that was making him writhe minutely under Ed, even when his brother wasn’t touching him anymore.

“Okay.” Ed said as he began to kiss lower, teasing with his cool automail hand and his warm flesh one, studying as he went the way the sunlight set Al’s skin aglow.

Al watched him study, watched him shudder minutely from time to time when Al wriggled just right, when muscles flexed.

“So perfect.” Ed said softly as he began to nose around the curls above and below Al’s need, pressing kisses into the curve between hip and stomach.

When Ed’s silky lips brushed his need, Al barked in surprise and pleasure. So that was what he needed, where he wanted Ed’s touch. He let his body tell him in no uncertain terms.

He had been lying there, at Ed’s mercy, but he managed to summon up enough courage to reach down, to tangle his fingers in Ed’s hair.

“Ed?!” He whined as Ed cupped his sack in a warm flesh palm.

“Al?” Ed asked, glancing up at his little brother’s flushed face, could see frustration, worry, love and curiosity all tangled up into a knot of raw emotion in those copper eyes.
There was a tension in what he was cupping in his palm, and he understood. Al was sixteen. Three times a day wasn’t enough, and this was obviously something new. The fact that he had lasted this far was a miracle. “Okay.” Ed said lowly just before he finally took the part that wanted the touch the most, into his mouth.

Al cried out, burying his fingers further into Ed’s hair as Ed’s tongue curled up and down his length, teasing at the tip before the blond young man would tense his lips and tongue and slide downwards carefully.

Al ended up with one hand in Ed’s hair, and the other fisted in the sheets as he scrambled for purchase, trying to get away from Ed as much as he wanted nothing more than to have him even closer.

Ed only had to do it a few times before Al’s body was twisting, bucking against Ed’s mouth, desperate for more. Al had to close his eyes, to turn his head and bury his cries in the pillow as a chasm of white opened up in front of him, as his fingers tingled, his toes curled, and he fell apart and died, or at least, that was what it felt like. Simply because it was dark then, and he could not feel his body. If he had a brain anymore, it was in Xing.


When his senses returned, his ears were ringing, and someone was lying draped across his chest, hand kneading his shoulders tenderly. That hand was cool against his shoulder.

“Ed?” Al called vulnerably.

“Right here Al.”

Al blinked, Ed’s voice sounded tired and almost strained. When he dared to open his eyes, Ed was slumped across him, his boxers pushed to his knees and he was stroking himself quickly.

Al blinked. Oh, of course, Ed hadn’t gotten anything out of what he had just done for Al…

“Here.” Al comforted, pulling Ed down to his bare stomach. “Here.” Al repeated as he spit into his hand and then reached between them, using the saliva to wet down his abs. “This might feel good.” Al encouraged as he rocked underneath his brother.

Ed gasped then.

“Fuck yes.” Ed whispered as he immediately pulled himself closer, grasping onto both of Al’s shoulders for leverage, he began to thrust slowly against Al’s stomach, using their closeness to create the kind of friction he desired.

He tucked his face into Al’s shoulder, hiding, silencing groans.

Al didn’t really know what to do, but he did slide his hands up to caress at Ed’s shoulders. Ed gasped against his skin, making sounds that were frightening close to sobs.

“Don’t stop holding me.” Ed whispered as he began to move a bit faster.

Al shuddered a little. His stomach was still sensitive, and the feeling of Ed, smooth skin of that need sliding along his made his hair stand on end in pleasure. He tucked his cheek against the side of Ed’s neck, having to half sit up to do it. Ed didn’t complain, he just moaned louder, shuddered harder as he moved faster.

Al held him close, sheltering him with his body through his pleasure, holding him tight until he spilled out across Al’s stomach with a few trembling jerks and a low and vulnerable cry of Al’s name.

Al shushed him, held him tightly. Held him until he fell, spent, to Al’s chest, breathing hard.

Al leaned down then, as Ed began to calm a bit, and kissed him gently.

As he traced Ed’s bottom lip, he got a taste of salt and something bittersweet. Was that…how he tasted?

Al made a curious sound as they broke away, and al reached between them, dragging his finger through the wetness Ed had left. He brought the finger to his mouth under Ed’s inquiring gaze, and then gave it a lick.

He shivered and made a face, and that made Ed laugh tiredly. “Now we need showers.” Ed said, still smiling at Al’s curious nature.

Al shook his head, feeling tears threatening suddenly. “Don’t leave me just yet.” Al said, a tremble to his voice. He didn’t know what to think or feel.

“Does it look like I’m in any shape to go anywhere?” Ed asked wearily.


Al was quickly lost in thought as Ed dozed off again against his chest. There was no way to describe the sensations he had just been through. Nothing like the pleasure Ed had introduced him to, and nothing like the feeling of closeness, of love he had felt as he had sheltered his brother’s body and know that Al was giving even a tiny bit of the pleasure that Ed had given him, back.

He had to admit that when it came to this, he was lost, and that his brother was obviously not. And that lead to some very interesting questions he planned to ask sooner rather than later. But not now. Not when he felt…fragile.

He stroked a hand through Ed’s tangled hair and smiled as Ed began to snore exhaustedly. No one would yell too much if they just slept in a little bit? He closed his eyes then, basking in the smell of sweat, of sex and summer sunshine and fresh green grass that seemed to drench the room. Knowing what to think of it or not, he knew this. At this moment, he was utterly content, for the first time in a long time.

There were worries, there were problems. There were emotional bruises and there was grief. But right now, that was far away. There were the nodding flowers outside the window, and the comfortable heat of Rizenbul and his brother’s easy snoring.


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