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For your reading pleasure, I offer a Thanksgiving drabble, set in the world of Firestarter:

[Title] Turkey Shark
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] Roy X Ed
[Rating] PG 13
[Beta] None
[Spoilers?] No real spoilers but let's just say they are here anyway.
[Chatter] Just for a little fun ^_^ Enjoy your sleep inducing poultry meat, and a happy and safe day to those traveling.

Ed circled the mound of crispy golden goodness, sitting on the platter tantalizingly. It was dead center on the table and surrounded by orange slices and cranberry and stuffing, and Ed was all but drooling as it mocked him.

“Don’t you dare! Get the bloody hell out of my kitchen!” Holly barked sharply, wielding a wooden spoon quickly and deftly and delivering a blow to the buttocks of the young man in question.

Ed yelped, and then slunk from the kitchen dejectedly, but not without a glare that promised that he would be back, and next time, he would be taking prisoners.

“Like having a shark circling me it is!” She complained, her accent thicker with worry and the fact that she had had more than a few sips of the sherry she had used for “flavor”.

Roy smiled at her rakishly as he leaned down to sniff at one of the pumpkin pies sitting on the counter.

He attempted to woo her with his good eye and a charming smile, but she would have none of it and caught him in the act, stilling his hand halfway to the whipped cream topping.

“No you don’t!” She said crossly. “This is for after supper. Go bother your guests.” She said, giving The General a level stare.

“Ah, yes, well…I was rather hungry and was hoping for a taste…”

“Have a taste of this.” Holly said, brandishing a piece of celery menacingly.

“Well I was rather hoping for…”

“A cookie?! A slice of pie?! HALF THE BLOODY BIRD?!”

Roy knew when he was beat, and gracefully accepted the piece of celery, backing out of the kitchen with both hands where they could be seen.

Ed met him outside the door.

“She’s so grumpy…maybe we shouldn’t have invited so many people.”

“No, all of these men and women here, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Even if they are drunk before five PM?” Ed asked.

“At least they are having a good time.” Roy said sweetly as he snapped the stick of celery in half and offered a piece to Ed.


“Go die Shit General.”

“I love you too Edward.”

Ed gave Roy a sulky glance as he accepted the piece of Celery, and then slid up against Roy’s chest (They hiding behind one of the retaining walls between the kitchen and the living room.) and snuck a sweet little kiss.

“M’sorry.” Ed said sulkily.

Roy returned fire with another kiss moment later, and this one had interest behind it.

“It’s okay.” Roy said, voice low with the glass of brandy he had consumed recently and his obvious interest in Ed. “I know you’re grumpy when you’re hungry.”

Ed shrugged then, glancing up at Roy again, looking like he might ask for another kiss, celery stick dangling forgotten from limp fingers.

Roy sighed.

“Later, I promise you.” He purred just before swiping the stick from Ed’s lifeless fingers and jamming it in his mouth.

Ed grunted in objection.

“Have a snack and then go greet our guests again.”

Ed gave him a dirty look, and then removed the stick, giving it a cursory lick that made Roy shudder.

“Yeah. You too bastard. Have fun.” Ed said, disappearing and taking a bite of his celery with great flourish.

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