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FMA Guide book(manga)

went to Animate today... and they are still out of most 'available' FMA (by 'available', I mean that it's advertised, but the items are sold out... ^-^) Did find 3 different FMA DJs(think they were Roy and Ed, or normal, but I'm trying to save money though...) as well as the new FMA Perfect Guidebook though(762en), very cool and filled with funny pics(manga pics, comic strips, etc), descriptions(like a map of the world FMA takes place in), and what-not else(a quiz, crossword puzzles and a Character Meme) about FMA...

The cover is funny, esp with Gluttony gnawing on Roy's arm... ^-^ and some guy has a arm around Lisa--while she has her gun pointed at his chin... *laughs* At the end there is a little manga story, and it's ... umm, a bit creepy...

character poll- (with little comic preceding, the Cow is not happy to be voted #11, BTW...)
1. Edward ("HAH! I'm #1! Congratulations to me!" *looks at paper* "oh, Winly, you're #8...")
2. Roy("ha ha ha, I'm the best man, or so I'm called... [I think?])
3. Al ("Waa-i" *so cute! ^-^*)
4. Hughes (*with halo and looking at pic of his family*)
5. Lisa Hawkeye ("Arigatou Gozaimasu")
6. Armstrong (*merely poses shirtless*)
7. Habokku[am I reading his name right?] ("You mean me?")
8. Winly
9. Envy (*apologizing to his leader? [*shrugs*])
10. Izumi-sensei[the Elrics' sensei]
Ed is then shown gloating at the list, and Roy yells at him. Then a pic of Scar looking at the list, and seeing his name tied with the Cow, then looks at the Cow...

Some of the pics/descripts include: Greed appears for a little in vol. 6, but apparently in later chapters he's talking to Al... a page where characters appear(like Yuki-taisa, the man that 'owned' the Mine in book 1, chapter 3 is shown homeless in a little frame in Vol. 4), the brothers currently appearing in the 2-parter 'Plain of Pebbles' ep are from one of the novels.

and the side story- Ed and Al are sent to see a man named Judah and are greeted by him, his wife and daughter Rosalie(who really takes to Al and starts to play with him, pulling his head off because she likes the feather, and is not scared when she sees he has no body and is bonded to the armor. More to come about her and Al in a bit) As Al goes off to play with Rosalie, Ed goes inside to talk to Judah and his wife, Judah is blind(he has burn scars over his eyes). He starts telling Ed about what he does with Alchemy...
Rosalie has a secret to show Al, and he is not prepared to see the mummified remains of a little girl in Rosalie's room... Ed finds out from talking to the husband and wife that they had tried Human Alchemy(I think the reason for the husband's injuries). The girl tells Al that the mummified girl is the real Rosalie, and that her real name is Emi. She starts brushing 'Rosalie's' hair, and the mummy smiles... 0-0 She is still alive, the result of the failed Alchemy, the wife tells Ed as they watch Emi brushing Rosalie's hair. Ed pauses and looks back with an uncertain expression on his face as the Elrics leave the house and the gates close...

[edit- did find out the names of the new OP/Ed songs too, BTW, according to the Animate flyer I got
'Ready Steady Go', L'Arc En Ciel (OP song, CD available Feb. 4 at 971en)
[sorry, I'll have to get the end song title translated] singer - Yellow Generation(End song, CD available Jan. 28 at 1165en)]

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