angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

Not sure if anyone brought this up before:

We know that about everyone in the military is named after WWII aircraft. No one has mentioned Black Hayate's namesake. Or this is what I assume is his namesake since Hayate's also translated into "gale" or "hurricane".

The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate was numerically the most important fighter serving with the Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) during the last year of the Pacific War, and was probably the best Japanese fighter aircraft to see large-scale operation during this period of the war. The Hayate was fully the equal of even the most advanced Allied fighters which opposed it, and was often their superior in many important respects. It was well armed and armored, was fast, and was very maneuverable. Although it was generally outnumbered by Allied fighters which opposed it, it nevertheless gave a good account of itself in battles over the Philippines, over Okinawa, and over the Japanese home islands. So desperate was the need for Ki-84s in the last months of the war, Japan was building underground factories with a planned rate of 200 aircraft per month....

source 1
Source 2

Smack me if I'm wrong.

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