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Title: Father-Son Bonding Part 2
Sequel to: Father-Son Bonding Part 1
Rating: NC-17 (?)
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
Crossposted to: fma_yaoi and alchemy_sex

AN: I guess this has some slight AU in it because I changed a bit of the FMA story around. And I hope this doesn't bother any readers! Enjoy!

My son gave me hateful looks all morning, but I could also see him trying conceal his wish for me to do it again. He was my son, after all, and I could probably understand how he reacted to such treatment better than he did himself. I've been alive for hundreds of years and have developed a very broad knowledge on the human emotions.

He glared at his breakfast and pushed it around his plate. Watching him reminded me even more of how cat-like he could be, and it aroused me by bringing the memories back from last night. A night I'll always remember as the night Edward finally accepted me; at least to a certain degree. I could tell he still wasn't fond of me and didn't trust me at all.

"Are you going to play with your food, or are you going to eat it?" I asked taking a bite of my own breakfast and observing one of his famous mood swings in action.

"Shut the fuck up! You play with your own damn food all the time!" I couldn't tell whether he was referring to himself as the prey last night, or if he meant a few days ago when I was doing the same thing as he was now.

I contemplated the accusation for a while, before answering the angry teen, "But I worked hard to make this food..."

He was holding the fork in his right hand even though he usually wrote left-handed, and he stabbed at a piece of food so hard that it cracked the plate. Both of us stared at it for a while before he finally stood up and mumbled something about cleaning it up. I stood up as well before he could begin to transmute it back to its original state.

I slipped an arm around his waist and heard a slight gasp of surprise from him. As I waited for him to try and deny he liked the fact I was touching him, he surprised me as well. While holding him, I felt him put all his wait against me and it made me happy to be slightly closer to achieveing my goal. I still yearned for him to smile at me as he had at the thought of Roy Mustang last night.

"You're not resisting me very much..." I whispered in his ear before nipping at his ear, "Are you learning to like me more? Or are you thinking of that Colonel Mustang?"

I could see him blush when I mentioned Roy's name, but then he quickly regain composure with a retort. "Do you like people to struggle? Does that arouse you or something?"

"Only when it's you." I kissed him lightly on the neck and pulled Edward closer to me so he could feel how aroused I already was.

He didn't really return the affection and I could see him hesitate before allowing me to slip a hand and feel his own erection. For being so short in height, he definitely made up for in length. I loved to imagine what it would be like to taste his cum in my mouth, and got an idea for what our bonding time would be today.

I picked him up suddenly and he clutched on to me as if afraid I would drop him. When he looked up at me with a puzzled expression, I realized he had no idea what we were going to do. This would be an interesting thing to try, because I doubt that Roy really taught how to do what I was going to. But I was pretty sure it wouldn't be Ed's first time.

I put him down on the counter and told him he could stay there or stand. He seemed to be content with sitting and watching me with curious eyes.

"Take off your pants," I ordered without trying to sound harsh, "and please hurry up."

"But we just- last night-" He tried to find an excuse not to, and so I did it for him. He didn't seem to protest much to me doing it, but I couldn't figure why he didn't want to do it himself.

Once the pants were discarded I bent over him and he watched me, finally realizing what I was going to do. With a quick motion I took in his erection and began to enjoy it. I could tell he was enjoying it more than I was from him moaning so much, and I could feel him trembling slightly as he grabbed my hair for some kind of support.

He was quick this time in reaching his climax, and I assumed he had been aroused long before I had planned this. When he was done, I kissed him intensely and allowed him to taste himself as my tongue intruded into his mouth. We remained like that for a while until I could see he was clearly getting tired from this, and it happening so early in the morning didn't help.

I broke the kiss and he looked at me expectantly as if waiting for something else to happen, but instead I bent down to get his pants for him. "You'll need these for work later, won't you?"

"Yeah... Oh crap!" Ed jumped off the counter and tripped over himself, but lucky for him I was there to catch him. "I forgot I was supposed to go in early!"

He was about to run out the door when I stopped him and gave him a small bottle, "It's cologne. Maybe you can wear it and cover up the smell."

I saw he was somewhat sweaty and he quickly sprayed himself with the liquid before tossing it back to me. Just seeing him like that still aroused me, but I knew not to be too greedy and ruin my chances with him.


I seriously hope this one was good as well. This pairings really new to me, so I don't know if I really have got the characters down pretty well.

Any comments or criticism?


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