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First Hoho/Ed fic!

These are my guidelines, so I'll try my best! (And in case anybody cares, this is my first fic of Hoho/Ed and first post in this community.)

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
cigarette, sofa, train

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you


Title: Father-Son Bonding
Author: animethief92
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
Cross-posted to: alchemy_sex, fma_yaoi

He seems too young to be going through what he is, and he seems too unstable to have to live through such traumatizing moments in his life. I only wish I could help him, but he hates me with the simplest hate in existence. I left my wife, him, and my youngest son Alphonse behind; who could blame him for being angry at me? But I kept telling him hate was too strong of a word; every time he didn't listen.

My own son who was sure to inherit all I have achieved hates me because of something I could not control. I put out the cigarette and dropped it on the ground, not honestly caring if some little animal choked on it and died. I had more important business to attend to which greatly involved the spiteful boy sleeping on my sofa.

As I entered, the way Edward was positioned reminded me of how I use to fall asleep. The only difference was that he had his legs opened wide and was completely vulnerable to anyone who came in during this rare moment. This was all too deliciously tempting to pass up such a chance given up by fate.

I walked around to the other side of the sofa where Edward couldn't hit me if he woke up. All I could hear was him mumbling about trains, and I couldn't see him tense up when I began to reach for him. His most sensitive area was exposed and so easy just to grab... but I knew restraint was the key for Ed. If I put to much force he would attack me, or kill me depending on how pissed he is; if I put too little force he'll be too aroused and still attack/kill me.

So I had to figure out just how much to apply and then do so. The only problem was, that this would be the only chance I'd probably ever get at doing this unless I acted now. Even though I wasn't a big risk-taker in the relationship part of life, I decided to go for the gold.

I began to grope his smaller body and was thankfully greeted by skin-crawling moans instead of blood-curdling screams and curses. He apparently didn't realize that it was really me doing it, and smiled so innocently I almost stopped. Who did he think I was exactly? And who could he imagine me being that could make him smile like that? Why couldn't I do that by myself?

"Roy..." I heard him murmur which was joined by another smile at the end. The thought of Roy Mustang touching my son was a perverted and sickening idea, but I guess I have no right to say anything considering I'm his father...

He rolled over as if inviting me to just get right on; an invitation I gladly took. When I was on top he finally allowed the golden eyes he inherited from me to flutter open. When he met my eyes and the twisted smile I realized was on my face, he screamed then.

"GET OFF ME! YOU DAMN PERVERTED BASTARD!" He screamed and struggled from underneath me, which I quickly ended by using my alchemy and making the blankets turn into restraints. This seemed to only piss him off more to the extent of hurting himself to get out.

"Now, now..." I let my hand roam the inside of his loose shirt until it found the nipple it had been searching for. "Don't be so hasty to throw off what might be the greatest pleasure of your life."

Edward growled at me, but sounded a little more like a hiss. In ways like that I was always reminded of a cat, and even his eyes reminded me of one. A good thing was that I loved cats...

"Don't be so quick to flatter yourself, you son of a bitch! I have better things in life like punching Roy and then having sex with him, and the greatest pleasure will be getting Al's body back and feeling in my own limbs!" Edward bucked but quickly stopped when I bit his ear.

It was time for me to take control, so every time he began to speak or resist I would nip at him or bite him hard depending on whether he gave up quickly or not. I teased him with my tongue and hands, but all I got in response were hateful curses that I existed and wasn't dead.

When I was finally tired of playing, I began to tug at his pants but found a rude belt to be my first obstacle.

"What the hell are you doing?! Get off of me!" Edward demanded but as I over came the belt and began to get the pants off I could hear him whimper quietly.

My second obstacle were the boxers of course, but I had no trouble with them whatsoever. Then he was left unprotected from me, and I began to remove my clothing as well. I saw his eyes widen in horror as he knew what came next since he seemed to have gained enough knowledge from Roy Mustang.

"Are you ready Ed? I suppose you have to be really strong to overcome what you have. So I think you're plenty ready for me." I almost reminded myself of Envy which obviously meant I was around him for too long.

"Please... I'm your son..." I had never heard of him begging before, but I knew he was desperate not to let me enter, but it was too late for him to apologize now.

I didn't even ready him or myself to enter him, but I enjoyed the way he screamed from the pain anyway. He was now crying for sure and I could hear some muffled words as I pushed his head into the soft cushions. I don't know why or how I ever became so attracted to my own flesh and blood, but it was clear to me now.

Taking large thrusts and carelessly groping Ed as well, he seemed to start enjoying it after a while; just as I knew he would. Strangely enough, we both reached climax at the same time but once done I got off of him and could see blood on the cushions as well. It was from Ed's lip which he bit so hard it made it bleed, I looked him directly in the eye and kissed him at the same time tasting his blood which had a salty taste.

In a way, I guess this made him dirty to Roy, but I didn't care. It would be my greatest accomplishment yet to have him leave the Flame Alchemist and come to me instead. As I changed the sofa back to its original form, I saw his eyes glaring at me with hate and... lust. Our father-son bonding hadn't even began.

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