Stephanie (animethief92) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Longing for the Untouchable; Sheska fic; NC-17

Title: Longing for the Untouchable
Author: animethief92
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some masturbation, slight OOC
Pairing: Sheska(/Hughes)
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
Summary: When you long for a married man...

She woke up and found herself amongst her stack of books. She fixed her glasses that had somehow fallen neatly into her lap and looked for the book she was reading last. She was slightly upset to find it had fallen shut and she had lost her place during her favorite part of the novel.

She skimmed the pages of the romance novel and came to the part where the hero was about to save the heroine from her boyfriend assaulting her. This was her favorite romance novel about how a married man saved a girl he met at a bar from her abusive boyfriend. The reason she loved the book so much was because the married hero began to realize that he was in love with someone else and had to leave his wife for his true soulmate.

Of course she felt bad for being a destined widow, but also was happy for the heroine she often dreamed she could be. And she also fantasized about the married man she loved would come and whisk her away as well, but there were a few problems.

For one thing, she didn't have a boyfriend. Sheska was a bookworm, with short brunette, and brown eyes often wearing large glasses; totally and utterly Sheska. The heroine in the novel was intelligent, but not a total bookworm with long raven black hair, and emerald eyes; totally and utterly not Sheska. She had always grown up knowing nobody would want to date her... Or at least that's what her low self-esteem had always told her.

But even though she didn't have an abusive boyfriend in reality, she pretended she did and then her married man would come to save her. Truthfully, Sheska did love a married man... Maes Hughes... A married man with a beautiful wife and young daughter. Yet she tried to proclaim that she was his true soulmate? Often times she felt guilty and idiotic for even thinking she could compare to Gracia Hughes.

With the thought, she lowered her hand down and used her finger to gently rub her sensitive spot. Between her legs, she could feel warm wetness. She continued for a while but stopped when she felt more wetness. She found herself embarrassed to actually be used to this gesture and do it just about every night. Sheska believed that showed just how truly desperate she was.

Luckily, this time she hadn't dropped the book or lost her place. So she quickly placed her bookmark and then put the book on top of the pile closest to the couch; her to-read pile. She went to her room with the intent of using the connected bathroom to take a shower to clean herself up.

She put her uniform jacket and shirt on her crowded bed and then discarded her bra and dirty underwear. As she was about to weave her way through the maze of books; someone was knocking on her door. She blushed and slipped on the shirt and jacket hastily not bothering with lingerie.

"Good evening, how may I help you?" Sheska greeted warmly to the man she had always hoped would come here to steal her away. Maes Hughes.

"Hey there Sheska!" The man she fantasized about waved and smiled at her without a hint of lust in his eyes that Sheska hoped to see. "I was hoping you could do these reports by tomorrow? Did I come here at a bad time?"

He could see Sheska fumbling with her shirt and keeping her legs close together. What he didn't know is she was trying to conceal the wet feeling between her legs. "Oh it's no problem whatsoever! I'll be done by tomorrow morning! Nicetoseeyou!Bye!"

The rest had been rushed because she could feel herself beginning to lose control of herself in front of him. She could hear him walk away from the door step and she sighed, relieved that went as smoothly as it could. She had feared that he would notice her odd behavior and ask to come in or something, but luckily that hadn't happened.


After her shower, Sheska flopped onto her bed and could still feel her heart racing from earlier. She looked over at the report that had landed on the floor beside her underwear which made her feel like she was being to busy not putting those in a laundry basket.

But when she saw the report again, she stopped and her thoughts were suddenly filled with the image of her Lt. Colonel coming in her room and pinning her down to the bed. Her lustful image was complete with the both of them being naked and the two of them were longing for each other mutually.

Hughes had begun by nipping at her neck and slowly kneading her breast and sometimes pinching it slightly to hear her moan with pleasure. Then when he travled down slowly to her chest, he began began to lick the tip of her nipple and gently bit at it almost making her lose control.

Completely trailing her stomach with kisses, Hughes was more hasty to get down between her legs. He eagerly began exploring her opening with his tongue and began stroking deep within her. He continued to do it until she was about to reach her own climax. Right when she was about to, he pulled away and lied flat on top of her.

"Are you ready for me?" Hughes voice sounded huskier than usual, buts she nodded as well and he positioned himself to enter her.

When he did, she felt whole and she wished that he would never leave her. The two got into a rhythem and both of them were moaning almost in perfect unison. As Hughes got further into Sheska she screamed from pleasure and could feel him reach his climax inside her.

"Was that enjoyable for you?" Hughes asked while stroking Sheska's cheek thoughtfully.

"I really did Lt. Colnel..."

"Just call me Maes."

Sheska couldn't stifle a giggle as he lightly traced her stomach with his finger tips and then there was a sudden loud crash.


Sheska woke up from her dream with a tower of books that had almost fallen on her. She sighed and had really hoped that time was reality and not a dream.

"Oh well..." She picked up the report and began working on it for the rest of the night, with a heart full of lonliness.



Should I continue this? Or not? I'd really appreciate some criticism/comments please!
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