light_hohenheim (light_hohenheim) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Question about Izumi and the Gate (spoilers)

I've been thinking and I've been pondering what Hohenheim said in the anime to Al that when he returned what he had gained from Human Transmutation that his body/what he lost would be returned to him. So in the anime we see Izumi perform Human Transmutation on her son and in the process she loses some organs, but we see her return to the gate and she gives what she gained (her baby/homunculus) back to the gate, yet she never got her organs back and still coughs up blood because of that. So I guess my question is, is this a plot hole? or am I missing a step in the equation? or something else entirely? Maybe I'm being forgetful or stupid for even pondering this when the answer might be right in front of my face and everyone can see it/knows it except me ^^;; So if there is an answer I'm overlooking please enlighten me :) Thanks!
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