Shida K. (gravi_shu_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Shida K.

Another Cereal Box Scenario...

Okay guys, another cereal box scenario. This time it's also featuring yoshiartist's cereal box deisgn for his cereal, 'Whoop Di O's'.

Winry: *walks into room where Ed is eating another brand of cereal. Looks around* What happened to Chu's?
Ed: Ran out.
Winry: You ran out of ten boxes of Chu's in less than one day????
Ed: Yeah well...*munches on cereal*
Winry: What new cereal are you eating this time?
Ed: Well it's not 'Ed O's' if that's what you were thinking.
Winry: *raises eyebrow*
Ed: I'm eating 'Whoop Di O's', "For those who don't care".
Winry: Oh really? *grabs box* Let me see...*begins reading box*
Ed: *looks around at Chu's boxes* ~sniff~ I want Chu's!!
Winry: *hands 'Whoop Di O's' back* Here.
Ed: *munches on cereal* Hmm, don't care anymore.
Winry: Well I'm going to get some more Ed O's. My dog ate all of it and can't fit through the door now.
Ed: *still eating 'Whoop Di O's'* Yeah, don't care.
Winry: *walks out of room*
Havoc: *runs into room while Ed is eating* ED!!! Have you seen Colonel Mustang? He's missing!!!
Ed: *still eating* Hmm, don't care.
Havoc: *falls over and runs out of the room*
Ed: *stops eating a few* ...I want Chu's!!!!! *eats more out of sadness* Hmm, yep, don't care.
Hawkeye: *runs into room* Ed! Winry's trying to kill herself!
Ed: *still eating Whoop Di O's* You know, I think I should care but I don't.
Hawkeye: *snakes sideways away from room*
Ed: *turns to camera* 'Whoop Di O's'. For those who don't care. So if you don't care kids, ask your parents for 'Whoop Di O's' today! Guarunteed to make you care less. I know I do! *winks and holds up thumb at camera*

Well that's it again. Was it funnier or just plain dumber then last time???? I'd give you guys a hyperlink to the 'Whoop Di O's' but yoshi hasn't put it up on photobucket yet so I can't. Leave a comment!

</lj-cut text="A New Cereal For Ed to Love>
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