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EdxRoy; In the End

Title: In the End
Author: animethief92
Pairing: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or any characters from it.

"Nii-san, I don't want to go home today." Alphonse stopped on the bridge as Edward continued walking with a solemn aura surrounding him. Their mother's funeral had been yesterday, and their home was still filled with a barren feeling that only made the boy's solemn mood turn into despair.

Winry and Pinako had both insisted they stay at their house, but the brothers declined and decided to stay home. A foreboding darkness loomed over the house as Ed gazed at it from the bridge; even from that distance every detail of their house had turned into one moment of happiness the three once shared. All of those memories would fade over time and become a ghost of their short-lived childhood.

"Stop complaining... We can't burden Aunt Pinako with us too." The older brother didn't falter as he saw Al begin to gather tears in his eyes; he hated to sound so insensitive to his little brother, but knew what he said was true.

Al picked up the pace and caught up to Ed quickly. He wiped away the tears hastily as if to hide he had been crying the whole time. The two both knew there was no way to erase their moments of the past, but they tried their best not to dwell on such depressing things.

The brothers hadn't even considered death an option for them or their mother; to them it had once just been an illusion to scare little kids. They had never witnessed someone who they loved so dearly die before and it brought them from their Never Never Land. Now they feared death and thought that it would come and take another person close to them too soon.


They had been so excited at the thought of their mother being alive again, and hadn't once stopped to think of what consequences the human transmutation would bring. It was still hard for them to understand that actions do have reactions, and that they're not always good.

After these horrid hands had disappeared and Ed had woken up back to his own home, he saw the true destruction he had caused. He was missing his leg, but Alphonse only had the clothes he was wearing to show he had been there. There was no body anymore to call Alphonse Elric; now he was just another memory that showed Ed how flawed things could be.

That's when he began to realize that no one was immortal and no one could hide from death forever. Even in the best of dreams, no person could run forever or they'd just lose their humanity along with dodging the end of all that exists.

Now, Ed knew he had to sacrifice a part of himself to get his brother's sould and knew this pain would forever haunt him, but in the end had know choice.


When Edward awoke from another of his vivid nightmares, he found himself covered in cold sweat. This wasn't at all unusual to the alchemist, but when he found himself on Roy Mustang's couch, that was strange. He had been inside Roy's house once before, but it was only when Roy had invited him and Alphonse to stay over.

Now he was on the couch anc could hear some sort of humming coming from the general direction of the kitchen. Ed had never realized how beautifully Roy could sing when he really tried, and didn't feel like ruining probably the only time he'd hear that voice. As he began to finish the song, Ed eased himself off the couch and followed the echoing of Roy's voice.

He saw Roy preparing breakfast and was amused that Roy could act like such a woman in his kitchen. As he approached, Ed was careful to try and be as silent as possible, as if afraid to destroy this moment and lose it forever. Tears were in his eyes and yet he smiled when he recognized the song as one his mother would sing in the kitchen as well.

Ed began to hum as well and startled Roy, making him stop and listen to Edward as he continued the song. When he had finished, Roy put an arm around Ed's waist and asked with a gentle tone, "When did you wawke up?"

"A nightmare woke me up a few minutes ago, and I was lucky enough to hear you singing..."

"Then why are you crying?" Roy wiped tears away from the golden eyes he loved so much. He moved breakfast off the stove without leaving Ed and was just able to hear what he said.

"It reminds me of a song my mother used to sing to me when I was young... How do you know it anyway?" Ed could feel Roy hesitate slightly to answer, but then Ed stopped Roy before he could reply. "Actually, let's have breakfast since you made it already."



Is it the crappiest thing you've ever read? Or did you like it? Comments and criticism is appreciated!
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