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[Fic] Homecoming, NC-17

Title: Homecoming
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Edward x Winry
Genre: Fluff, AU, Post-series, no movie spoilers.
Summary: Edward Elric comes home from the other side and Winry is still waiting for him.
Notes: This was written for the Iron Smut Het challenge and fixed up a little for your enjoyment. ^^

By: Akichan

It was a cool Sunday morning, relatively quiet on the rolling hills in Rizenbul. Winry Rockbell was out walking with Den to let the breeze soothe her mind. The wind rustled through her hair, the trees, the grass and Den's fur. She patted her dog's head, the old girl just wasn't getting any younger and these walks took more and more of a toll on her.

Like many times in the past four years, her thoughts turned to Edward, the mysterious boy in her life that disappeared into thin air as though he'd never existed, and was becoming but a distant memory. She could scarcely remember the colour of his hair, his rich golden eyes, the scars she'd embedded into his skin... it was all fading away like cloud rolling across the sky. Winry sighed and tugged gently on Den's leash to get her moving again. It was time to head home... her empty home, empty ever since her grandmother had passed away at last, empty since Roze had moved on to help restore a home for her people and empty since Alphonse has left to train with Izumi. He was very much like his brother that way, only he had the courtesy to remember to call her from time to time.

She was going to become an old maid at that rate, but that was fine with her. She had a successful automail business to run and the patients flowed steadily into her home. Only, for the past month, there hadn't been any. Winry supposed she should be grateful for that, that meant that people weren't off getting bits of them blown off in a war, or being hit by a train in her area, but she couldn't help but hear the silence.

A flash of light caught her eye, a faint sunbeam moving across the grass with the rising sun, gaining momentum and strength. Then she saw it, something she hadn't noticed in the early morning darkness – a body. Winry frowned and looked down at Den. “Stay girl.”

The petite blonde took off for the body, sliding down a hill in her thin sneakers and pants, not caring much if she got grass stains or not, if that person was still alive...

He didn't look alive.

Blood made the grass around the body slick and she slipped three times trying to reach him. His hair was matted and just as bloody as the clothing and grass around him, so much that she couldn't even tell what colour his hair was supposed to be. Winry frowned at the tell-tale signs of missing limbs – an arm and a leg, from the looks of things. Who on earth would do such a thing to a human being and dump the body like this? It could have been days before anyone found him and by then he'd already be dead... Winry thought frantically. Digging her heal into the soft mud beneath her and rolled the body over, steadying it with both hands. A blood curdling scream resonated through the hills as she recognized the face of the one dying before her.


It was hell, dragging the young man through the grass. No one was around though, so Winry persevered. She had her arms around his chest, sweating and panting with the effort. God Edward was heavy, didn't he ever lose weight? Winry huffed and looked at the logistics again. All she was doing was dragging her childhood friend across the grass, smearing the blood all over the place and getting him and herself dirty. “Damnit!” She cursed loudly.

Winry dropped Edward with a sigh and looked back at the house and to her companion. “Den, stay with him.” The order given, she bolted for the house. The faint sound of a bark answered her, reassuring her that Den wouldn't move.

It didn't take more then a few minutes before she was tearing through her own house, panting and wiping her brow, leaving behind a smear of blood and mud. Her staining footsteps led into her workshop and she grabbed the nearest box and started throwing in as many bandages as she could manage to find in a panic. Winry grabbed a bowl and filled it with water from the tap outside, placed it on the top of the box and took off towards that hill again.


He's still alive! She nearly cried with relief. Winry threw herself to the ground at Ed's side and started tearing the clothes off of him. It was difficult, as some of it was literally stuck in his wounds, but she persevered. It was disturbing the way he didn't react at all. Winry found herself staring at his face, the tormented expression as she looked for any signs of life, anything to tell her he was still with her.

Finally managing to tear off the vest and shirt, Winry was relieved to see his chest still moving up and down as the lungs took in breath that was so desperately needed. She sighed and soaked some cloth into the water before tempting fate to get the blood to stop. Winry nearly let out a whoop of joy when the blood slowed down and she wrapped his torso in bandages.

The pants were next and she cursed the fact she had not thought to bring scissors. Winry wrestled them off of Edward and threw them aside as well, bandaging his leg quickly. Although the elder Elric looked pale, she was glad to see he was still alive and not bleeding any further. With a resolute sigh, she wrapped her arms around his cool body and started dragging him back home.


It had been a month since Edward had been lying in that field. Winry was pleased that he'd reawakened soon after, and he did not neglect to remind her just how full of life he was.


She frowned, ignoring his voice in favour of not burning the soup. She wanted to smack him with her wrench, but that wouldn't be good for someone recovering from port surgery.

“Winry!” Came the insistent call.

“Ed, will you SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR TEN MINUTES?!” Winry screeched at the top of her lungs.

Silence responded and she smiled. She hadn't lost her touch. However, in true Elric fashion, in exactly ten minutes, he called down again. Winry sighed. She supposed he'd been counting the exact seconds. She turned her face up to the ceiling and yelled at him.


Silence was again received and she smiled, satisfied.


Things between them were getting strange. He'd been back three months now and was working hard on rehabilitating himself, just like he did when he was younger. Winry found herself watching him, the sweat dripping down his rippled muscles, the pale skin being replaced with a darker, healthier look from going outside, and the blond hair that grew like a weed when it was trimmed, often rested on the floor when he was too lazy to sit up properly on the couch.

Edward was drop dead gorgeous. Aging had certainly been kind to him and Winry found herself noticing. She couldn't help it! Restraint was key, however, he was her patient after all.

It didn't hurt to look though, she reminded herself. Of course, she was doing just that, that June afternoon, watching a trickle of sweat roll down from his collarbone to his navel. She squirmed uncomfortably. He appeared to be oblivious to her reactions and just how attractive she found him these days.

Ed always smiled at her though, when he caught her watching. She couldn't help but blush and leave the room, embarrassed at being caught and charmed by that simple gesture that she could not escape. It seemed like it was meant for her alone.


Winry's eyes were closed. Edward was close, close enough that she could feel the heat of his body seeping through his clothing as his lips pressed against hers in a deep, sensual kiss that took her breath away. He parted, letting her gasp for air and her eyes slid open ever so slowly.

The expression on his face was sweet for a moment, something innocent and unguarded. Then his lips pulled back into a smirk.

Her wrench had never been thrown so hard.


“Tell me about where you were.” Winry finally dared to ask him as August came around and it was too hot to do much more then talk. Even Den was feeling the heat, rolled over onto her back in the nearest bit of shade under the same tree her and Edward were under.

“What about it?” Edward asked her, looking up at her lazily from where his head rested in her lap.

“Well...what was it like?”

“I don't wasn't that different from here. I was a country called Germany. I lived in a city called Munich. I guess it looked kind of like East City, or Central...” Edward trailed off, remembering some moments from the past.

“Was it big?”

“ was.” Edward smiled and nodded, stretching a bit. “But they'd just had a war, so everything was really expensive. It wasn't easy to live there.”

Winry accepted that. “So what did you do?”

“Would you believe I actually did a job as a mail clerk?” Edward smirked. “They wouldn't let me do anything active, because I was technically handicapped, but someone took pity on me and gave me a job as a clerk. I sat at a counter all day and accepted mail, sold stamps...that sort of thing. Incredibly dull. I did work with another young lady, her name was Anna.”

Winry's eyes narrowed. To think someone knew Ed, her Ed during that time while she didn't, made her angry. “Did you go out with her?”


The answer took her by surprise. Winry's eyes widened and she gaped down at him. “You did?”

“Yeah. She really liked me. She was alright, and it was good to have someone to be with while I was alone in a strange world.” Edward told her, his tone cautious as though he were hiding something from her. Winry could always tell these things.

“Did know...with her?”

Edward paused and visibly tensed before nodding. “I did.”


The silence that lingered between them told him more of her tension then anything else could have.


Edward was getting around on his own now, and he had a habit of surprising Winry in the kitchen. He'd sneak up behind her, poorly, and wrap his arms around her waist, placing a kiss on her neck.

He was so different, Winry mused. Although, it could be that she could barely remember Ed when he was a child, a teenager...the time apart had changed them both. She was no longer the same, now that she'd experienced loneliness and loss to the same paramount he had.

Winry reflected on this a bit. She had matured, and so had Edward. How could they not have? They had grown up and apart for four years. She sighed and sunk back into his arms. “You didn't used to be like this.”

“You'd have killed me if I ever tried.”

Point to him, she thought. Winry remembered vaguely the days where she'd beat Edward down for anything he did out of line. The thought of that stupid, immature boy kissing her made her skin crawl. Perhaps the time apart was what made them a good match in this moment.

She could feel Edward smirk against her neck as she was kissed again. He spoke up again though, within a few moments.

“There's a holiday from where I was in a few weeks. Well there's one now, but there's one then too.”

Winry found herself turning around in his arms and looked up into his eyes. “Tell me about them. This's interesting.”

Edward smiled and nodded. “It is that. What happens now is called Oktoberfest. It runs for a few weeks. What it is, essentially, is a huge party. I don't remember why... it was explained to me once. Basically people ate a lot of bratwurst and drank a lot of beer and partied as much as they could.”

You got drunk?” Winry raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, my friends did have to twist my arm a little...” Edward admitted, looking sheepish, rubbing the back of his head. “I'm not exactly a party animal, you know.”

“I do know. A scholar at heart.” She smiled widely and stole a kiss from him. “So...what are you like drunk?”

“Do you think I'd remember that?”

Winry laughed and shooed him from her kitchen, forgetting the other thing he had to tell her, but making a mental note to get him drunk sometime.


Thankfully, Edward didn't forget, and pestered her one evening. “I want to do that other holiday. It was really good, sort of. If you ignore the religious part.”

Winry looked at him quizzically again. “A religious holiday? You?”

“Yeah, yeah.” He gave her an amused look for the teasing. “Well it was about celebrating the end of the harvest season, you know? Giving thanks for the good harvest. It was good. There was a lot of food thanks for everything you just seems really good to me. Logical. Even if you're not thanking anyone specifically. Although we had to go to a church then, we don't have to do it that way here.”

“I think I see what you're saying...” Winry said thoughtfully.

“But it was very...equivalent. The people had a good harvest, they said thank you for it.”

Winry nodded. Equivalent trade was Ed's life and she knew it. He lived and breathed the theorem and she admired him for it. Never was someone so dedicated, she mused. A smile spread across her features and she leaned in to kiss him, whispering against his lips before capturing them. “We'll do it.”


They'd decided for this year, it would just be the two of them. Even though Edward was dying to see Alphonse again, he was busy and Ed wasn't healed enough to travel yet. He was still having a hard time getting around for long periods of time. He wouldn't be sparring any time soon.

Thus, Winry found herself in the kitchen from the early hours of the morning. She was busy chopping up carrots, cooking a roast and generally making wholesome good food for the two of them. Pie was also on the menu, as Ed had mentioned it had become a favourite sweet of his from the other side.

He was slowly opening up to her, telling her more and more of the time on the other side and she couldn't help but smile and thank whatever small tidbits came. That was the way to proceed with an Elric after all – be cautious. Move too quickly, and they clammed up tighter then any lock in existence. It was best to let Edward have control over this, so she didn't pester him on the issue.

It was hot in the kitchen, and she wasn't surprised when her boyfriend got bored and started pestering her again.

“Edward Elric, you get the hell out of my kitchen, unless you want me to kill you.”

It was almost funny to see how fast he moved. Winry smirked, it was always good to whip someone into shape before she wrestled a proposal out of him.


It was evening by the time everything was done and ready. Winry took some time to wash up her hands and face, change into something a little nicer and to run a brush through her hair. This wasn't just any ordinary evening after all. She slipped outside once she thought she looked good enough and found Edward dozing under a tree, looking as though he'd done something strenuous that day while she was cooking. Her eyes narrowed and she stomped over and whispered into his ear.

“If I found out you damaged my automail in some way, I'm going to have to hunt you down Ed.”

His eyes snapped open and he held up his hands as a gesture of surrender. “I didn't!”

“Good. Dinner's ready.”

They trudged back into the house, arm in arm. Winry could swear she saw a small smile on Edward's face.


The food itself was fantastic, or maybe the atmosphere was what made it good. Edward was a perfect gentleman for a change, not inhaling his food and smiling at her charmingly over the table as they ate. He even complimented her cooking! Winry knew it wasn't that good. She was getting suspicious.

“Ed, you're planning something.”

“No I'm not.” Edward insisted, looking a little surprised at her announcement.

“Yes you are. I can tell these things.”

“I'm not!” Edward smirked though, telling her she was throughly on the right case.

Winry sighed and let the conversation drop for the time being. Elrics really were impossible, and Ed was the most pigheaded one of all.


Dessert came and went and the two of them settled down in the living room to exchange their thanks. Ed had wanted to do it after they ate, because things were always easier once food was consumed.

Normally that would be the case, however, tonight he just looked nervous.

Winry regarded him suspiciously but sighed. Sometimes she thought she'd never figure him out. “Alright, so what do I do?”

“You just say what you're thankful for.”

“Well alright...I'm thankful for everyone I've known and met in my life. I'm thankful for Den keeping me company.” She smiled. “I'm thankful for grandma's long life and I'm thankful for the business I have and how successful it's been. Like that?”

“Just like that. Perfect.” He smiled at her. There was an odd glint in his eyes, and he looked as though he were hanging on her every word.

“Well, you take your turn. It's only fair.”

“So it is.” Edward agreed. “I'm thankful for you and Al being in my life, all my life. I'm thankful that I got to come back. I'm thankful that you found me when I returned and was bleeding to death. I'm thankful that you saved my life...twice.” His voice dropped off to a whisper. He looked so serious suddenly that Winry's breath hitched.

“I owe you so much, Winry...and I love you so much. And even though almost five years ago I couldn't imagine us being together like this, it seems right for now...after everything this seems right and I just...I want you to marry me.”

This time her breath hitched for a longer time and she took a few deep breaths, reminding herself that it was required to live. “P-Pardon?”

“Marry me.”

Winry looked shocked for a moment more before she smiled, tears coming to her eyes as she dove at him, hugging him tightly, as hard as she could without drawing all the breath out of him. “I'll marry you.”

Edward let out a sigh of relief, looking far less nervous.

“Did you think I'd say no or something?”

He produced a ring, a very simple one, but one nonetheless and placed it on her finger. “Well...”

Winry kissed him and then smacked him upside the head with her hand, as she left her wrench in her other pants. “That's what you get for doubting me!”

Edward couldn't help but laugh this time.


He was irresistibly cute when he proposed that Winry couldn't help but kiss him. That nervousness was truly adorable. It took a lot to get him flustered and it was so rare, she found it endearing. She kissed him deeper, parting her lips to let his tongue into her awaiting mouth.

“Winry I...” His voice sounded strained, almost as though he were trying to restrain himself. Edward's eyes were clouded with lust and the bulge on his pants showed off just how turned on he was by her taking charge like that.

Winry huffed and stood up. “Come on.”

“W-what?” He looked bewildered again.

Winry smiled. “Bedroom. Now that you're going to marry me, I think it's safe to say you're not going to run off again, so come on.”

Edward Elric did not need to be told twice.


Winry gasped softly as their kisses deepened, still standing in the doorway of her bedroom. She fumbled, and pushed the door shut behind them, just in case anyone came in, which was unlikely, but still possible. True to herself, she took charge, starting to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Edward's breath hitched, making his chest flinch under her touch. He didn't look hurt though, but he let her lead, sliding the shirt off of his arms as soon as she pushed it off of his shoulders.

She stepped back for a moment, looking him over, eyes roaming appreciatively over the muscles he had built up since he returned.

Winry stepped back into Ed's arms, running her fingers along his shoulders, keeping her touches feather light. She was almost surprised when he moaned softly. She hadn't realized just how much power she had over him and she smiled. “Come on...” She guided his hands to her shirt.

Edward needed no more direction then that, and he pulled it off carefully, taking his time and kissing skin he exposed as he exposed it. Winry felt her eyes close and an appreciative moan escape her own kiss-swollen lips.

Her appreciation turned to being impressed when he got her bra off without difficulty. Then Winry remembered she was leading and unbuttoned his pants and undoing the zipper quickly, before pushing them off his hips with his boxers. Ed kicked them aside, doing his part and stood before her naked. All Winry could do was stare.

Edward's hands roamed around her back and stomach gently before he relieved her of her own pants and underwear, picking her up suddenly in his arms.

“Ed!” Winry squealed in surprise.

He snickered at her and set her down gently on the bed. She huffed at him and pulled him down after her. So they were what? Winry wasn't sure what she was supposed to do, or expected to do in this situation.

Edward took the lead however, gently pushing her back so her shoulders were nestled in the soft pillows. He dipped his head down and kissed along her jaw line and then down the right side of her throat. His tongue slid into the soft ridge at the base of her neck, drawing a soft gasp of pleasure from her.

He gave her a gentle, unguarded smile before he continued to explore her body with his lips, tongue and teeth. It was a strange mixture of moisture, pain and pleasure that made her writhe with excitement, her gasping and moaning escalating.

Then he found her nipple.

Winry cried out, as she was relatively sensitive. Sensing this was pleasurable for her, he took his time, suckling gently and swirling his tongue around the nub that was hardening in his mouth. It was all Winry could do to control herself right then.

When she was sufficiently shaking and weak-kneed, he moved downwards, paying attention to her stomach and finally, reaching between her legs with flesh fingers and gently stroking her.

Winry couldn't help but moan and squirm at the sensation. She felt almost as though she were on fire and it wasn't stopping. “Ed...I...please...”

Edward smiled and dipped his head down and took a long lick at her clitoris.

Her world exploded suddenly, white spots swam in her vision. She may have screamed, Winry couldn't be sure, and yet, when her vision renewed itself, she was still alive.

Edward looked a little smug, but not enough that it put her off. He kept his touches light and gentle, and then he used his tongue on her again, and this time she was certain she did scream.

At once, the ministrations stopped and Winry found herself whimpering, coherent thought lost and she begged him for more. “Please, Ed...I...still on fire...”

He leaned into her and kissed her earlobe, sending a shiver throughout her whole body. “I'm going to do it might hurt a little, but just hold on.”

Winry nodded. She'd heard that before, that the first time hurt. She relaxed herself, she felt so good and sensitive, that every touch of his hands made her feel that fire looming, and trying to get out of control again.

He took his time and care sliding into her. She was wet and well prepared, so it didn't hurt exactly, but it wasn't comfortable. Edward waited until Winry nodded her acceptance and relaxation before he moved.

That hurt. Winry bit her lower lip gently and watched him thrust into her.

After the third time, it wasn't so bad. After the sixth time, that fire was back, and it was all she could do to keep her thoughts.

It was really easy to lose count of how many times he thrust into her after that, but she remembered losing all control again, squirming and crying out something unintelligible as she climaxed. He must have followed her, because by the time her thoughts came back to her, Edward had stilled and she could feel his seed inside of her. It was a weird sensation.

Winry gasped as Ed pulled out of her and he sunk down next to her. He looked tired and spent and happy. She couldn't help but smile at that and she slid to the edge and got to her feet shakily. It was hard to walk, mostly because he'd taken all of her energy and made it explode all at once, but partly because the pain was slowly fading in. Thankfully she didn't need to go far, but the closet. Opening it, she pulled down a quilt.

When Winry turned around, she caught Edward watching her with soft, sleepy eyes. She smiled at him, hobbled back over and slid into bed next to him, pulling the quilt over them as they both gave into sleep together.

The End
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