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Ficlet: Giving Thanks (Ed x Winry, NC-17)

Here is the fic I wrote earlier today for Iron Smut Het. This entire thing was written in 90 minutes, in 10 minute spats.... with only 30 minutes to prepare. I have, however, tweaked it a little bit since it was first posted today.

Title: Giving Thanks
Pairing: Ed x Winry (Shock!)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst!Fluff!Smut
Summary: Sometimes, there is only a certain way you can communicate. Sometimes, you just want to thank someone.
A/N: Kyt's very first Het Smut! How cute! *takes picture*
Warning: AU-ish, since I can't remember the exact dialog in episode 17.
Dedicated to: Many good friends of mine! ^_^

( Winry looked abashed... (Fake Cut) )
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