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Cereal Box Scenario

Okay, my friend edismine and I have the same class, Interactive Media, so we both had to make cereal boxes, which is what the URL's lead you to if you click on them. See mine is the Chu's, and she looked over and said, "Yours has no milk. Is it Ed's?" This morning I think, I came up with a goofy scenario with my cereal with Ed and Winry in it.

Ed: *sitting in a chair eating a bowl of Chu's*
Winry: *walks into room and sees Ed eating the cereal* What are you eating?
Ed: Chu's.
Winry: *noticing two empty boxes of Chu's and picks one up* How many boxes have you eaten?
Ed: *shrug* Eh, like the saying says, 'The cinnamony sugary hearts, I can't part with'.
Winry: ^_^;;;; I think you're taking it a little too seriously Ed. *notices Ed's bowl* You're eating it without milk?
Ed: With this I don't need milk. Besides, you know I hate that stuff. Tastes and smells like vomit. *eats more Chu's*
Winry: *pulls out another box of cereal from a near by table* How about this cereal? Ed O's?
Ed: *opens one eye* Are you nuts? It says 'Bite Sized'.
Winry: *looks at box then back at Ed* Yeah, but it also says 'Guaranteed to make you grow taller'.
Ed: *growing red...jumps up* WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!?!
Winry: *backs away laughing nervously* Oh look at that, *tips box over* it's all empty. No more! ^_^;;;;

That's it!! Whatcha think? I was walking to school and it just sorta went 'Hey! Here I am!'.
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