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Okay, this fic has been battering around my head, and the first part is nowhere done, but the beginning part of the first part is sorta done and I wanted to share it with you peoples and hope to get a beta-reader too. XD

And the title doesn't make sense at first, but when I get deeper into the story, it will. I've also combined the manga and anime in certain areas since I like a lot of both. XD

Also, I do have some of the end of chapter 15 in the opening, so if you haven't read the chapter, beware!

Massive spoilers for episode 25 and chapter 15 (like you guys don't know what is happening already) I am also setting up camp on a river called denile. That is the background feeling for myself, denile. So without further rambling from myself, I give you:

No Where Men
By Sparrow [1/?]

"Can you put down the phone, Lieutenant Colonel?"

A muzzle of a gun settled into the back of Hughes head, stiffening slightly, blood leaking down his shirt and the phone nestled in his hand, he turned around slowly, disbelief etched on his face.

"Now, put the phone down."

Confusion reigned on Hughes face,"2nd Lieutenant Ross..."a grim look appeared, eyes hardening like glass chips,” no, you aren't...who are you?"

"Who...I'm 2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross." her eyes narrowed as she stated the obvious. "We met many times at the hospital..."

"No you aren't."

Sweat trickled down Hughes face, "2nd Lieutenant Ross has a birthmark under left eye!"

A slight dumbfounded look appeared on 'Maria Ross's' face that soon morphed into a viscous smile.

"Oh. Is that so? I was being careless."

Placing a hand under her left eye, a crackle like sound Hughes identified as, smoke wafted away from Ross's face, a birthmark appeared, grinning Ross asked, “Is this okay?"

Confusion laced across Hughes face as shocked settled swiftly in, "Wha..."

Turning back to the payphone, phone handle still in hand, Hughes brought his right hand up to his hair and mumbled to himself, "...what the hell,'s like something I'd see in a dream."

Grinning in the background Maria Ross brought the gun back up, "Yes, that's right. You're having the ultimate nightmare."

Glancing down, she noticed the photograph under her boot, "What a horrible disaster and all because you're quick-witted, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes."

Standing stiffening, Hughes brought a knife down into his hand with a slight 'sflink' noise. "Hey-hey cut me some slack! I've got a wife and a kid waiting for me at home...I CAN'T DIE HERE!!!"

Bringing his knife into a throwing position Hughes was ready to kill the imposter Maria Ross, he faltered as the beautiful face of his wife appeared in front of him, holding a gun.

'Gracie Hughes' now smiled at Maas Hughes. "You're not going to stab your wife, are you?" A more sinister smile appeared.

"Nice effects, aren't they? Lieutenant Colonel Hughes."

Lieutenant Colonel Maas Hughes stopped and stared into eyes of the person who transformed into his wife. No matter who this person was, he could not throw his knife. Hughes could never hurt his wife, no matter who was impersonating her. Anguish and regret never left his face as he muttered his last words, "You asshole..."



Colonel Roy Mustang walked through the door and picked up the phone. A nasally voice sounded from the other end. "You have a phone call from a normal line from Lieutenant Colonel Hughes of Central."

An annoyed look twitched on the Colonel's face. "Hughes again? Put him through."

Silence was on the other end, but the Colonel did not put much thought into it as he launched himself into a conversation. "It's me. I won't listen if you're going to be bragging about your daughter."

Silence still clung on the line, pausing slightly, Colonel Roy Mustang was puzzled.

"Hughes? Hughes...HEY!!! Hughes! HUGHES!!"

The phone handle dangled from the line that attached it to the payphone. A photograph with a happy family lay in front of a pair of booted feet. Moreover, a man in a military uniform lay in a slowly growing puddle of blood, abandoned in a telephone booth.


When one opens his or her eyes, they expect to see a white room, it usually means you are in the hospital being treated and taken care of.

When his eyes opened, dark walls and a musty smell greeted him, groaning slightly he tried to move.

"I wouldn't try to do that if I were you." A voice sounded out in the dark.

Squinting slightly, he made out a figure huddled against the wall, knees drawn up to their chest.

"Oh, why shouldn't I?" Pushing himself up on the wall, he got into a sitting position.

"I just re-bandaged that shoulder wound Hughes-san. It wouldn't do you any good to rip it open."

"Al?" Hughes whispered.

"Yes Hughes-san?"

"You sound different."

"One usually does when he's no longer a walking pile of armor." Alphonse laughed darkly.

Blinking several times, Hughes allowed that thought to process, "WHAT!!!!?"

Laughing again Al got up and walked towards Hughes to check his bandages.

Hughes looked at Al in surprise as he took in Al's appearance. Dark golden hair and eyes, clipped short, apparently a few inches higher than Edward's height. He was also wearing a pair of black shoes, green shorts and a grey t-shirt.

"Um, you look good." Hughes stammered out. "The Philosopher's Stone?"

Alphonse looked a bit dark when Hughes mentioned that. "Yes, it was the stone. Those Homucumulus captured us about five ago on our train ride. They were about to kill Winry and everyone aboard, when Brother and I promised we would go with peacefully if they left everyone alive, even after we had left."

Hughes winced slightly as Alphonse tightened a new bandage on his shoulder. "Oh, and what happened after that?"

Settling down in front of Hughes Alphonse proceeded into his story about how Tucker was still alive, but a Chimera, working with these 'perfect humans'. Alphonse also said that Edward is being controlled somehow. Whether there were more alchemists working with them or not, Edward now obeyed 'them' without question.

"I fear that they will do the same to you Hughes-san." Alphonse said quietly leaning against the damp wall next to Hughes on his uninjured side.

"So, as to creating the Philosopher's Stone, he actually went through the process of using humans?" Hughes asked honestly.

"I think he was struggling to say no. Brother is very stubborn, but I think the more orders they give him, the more he became passive and slave-like."

Hughes sighed, "Well this is one fine mess I've gotten myself into. At least Mustang won't let me go quietly, how long have I've been here anyway Al-kun?"

"You've been here for one day, and as for Colonel Mustang-san, they think you're dead."

Hughes went wide-eyed and then suddenly cursed into the darkness, "You ASSHOLES!!!!!" That particular phrase suddenly becoming his favourite.

Alphonse shrugged, "Apparently they left a body double that looks and is you to a cellular extent. They wanted more bargaining chips in case Brother was able to break free from their control. Moreover, if you think about it, you are Intelligence, what you know, they will know soon enough. Or force you into telling by making you a servant."


Silence held in the holding cell. Hughes slowly worked his way up, walked slowly to the door, and peered out of the bars. He was suddenly in a familiar situation, a knife was being held to his neck. Turning around slowly, eyes drawn in confusion as he took in Alphonse holding the knife to his neck.

"Master says not to leave the cell. Master said I am to take care of you. Master stop." Alphonse's blank eyes suddenly gained life as he dropped the knife and brought a hand to his shoulder and dropped to his knees.

Hughes slunk back to the floor as he brought his hands around Alphonse's shaking shoulders. "Gomen, I didn't mean too. They put a tattoo of an orobourus on my shoulder, that's what controls Brother and now myself. I still have a grip on 'me' since I've only been given two orders."

"It's okay Al. It's okay." Hughes held the shaking child as he tried to reassure both of them that everything would be okay.

So feedback, flames and any comments happily welcomed!

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