dfs (neko_haruko) wrote in fm_alchemist,

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OMGOMGOMG!!! I had the cutest dream ever!

It was another recreation of the fma movie!
I'm nt sure EXACTLY what happened. But Al was back in his body and Ed was already home in his original clothes. I thinkE d was trying to get his memory back. So they went through these series of tests. Sleeping in bed together(whooo! Elricest!), And Ed swinging from a tree through the bedroom window and onto Al's...*snckers* Of course Al was freaking out pounding on his brothers head and he wouldn't wake up. XD OMG. Seeing Al blush that much was so cute! I am So drawing that. I think it was the drawing on my hand that made this happen. Ed's Head surrounded by hearts. Awwww.... my own Alchemy circle.
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