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crack drawing and request!

alright kids, first of all, i have a request can i get some screen shots from the episode where we find out about Wrath and Izumi and her human transmutation, particularly of when the baby comes back alive as a hideous fly (as well as a good screenshot of the Gate. any will do) I PROMISE IF GET THESE I WILL COME BACK WITH LOVELY CRACK!!!

and maybe the episode number i'm talking about would be nice too, so i could be more specific with my spoiler-warnings when i bring crack next time. ^^;

i'm hoping all of you have gone down to Homestar Runner and watched Teen Girl Squad (if you haven't i've oh-so-readily provided a link! :D). Since I am perpetually on crack (especially on bus rides home from school) I decided to draw Ed as if he were a part of the Teen Girl Squad because i can't draw anything that doesn't look like crap anyway

To act like this isn't totally crappy, my materials were notebook paper and a mechanical pencil.

so what do you think, my spanish gallions? So good or no good? i need to stop quoting TGS. NOW
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