tempest_strife (tempest_strife) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Geography... need a little help...

If two trains leave from Central and Dublith, which one gets to Resenbul first? While at first this may seem like a evil algebra problem... it's more of a geography one.

There was one map given in the manga(Chapter 15 page 29... is there a bigger version of this page somewhere I can see the names written on the map?) ... it shows where Dublith (in the mid south) and Central (basically dead center in the country) are. However... I now need to know where Resenbul is. I thought it was to the East... but maybe I'm wrong. I thought it was there because it has the mountains then the desert beyond it... However... someone said both Resenbul and Central are pictured on the area loading screen on the first FMA PS2 game.

As a side note, here and here also give more information about geography in the FMA world.

If anyone could find a picture of the map that loads between areas in the FMA: Broken Angel PS2 game I would be greatly appreciative. Google has failed me. :( Thank you!

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