The Cori (ex_mikazuki336) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Cori

brothers art; rated G

I finished a bit of art I thought some here might enjoy. ^_^ It's the Elric brothers, of course. :P

..It's big. I don't know why they end up so big. O_o It was even bigger at first, but then I cut some of their bodies off to make it smaller.. Whoa, that sounded evil..

Well, to explain: This was partially inspired by the little world in my head where the brothers never tried to bring their mother back, and they grew up all happy. And Al's taller. You'd think it anyway, right? :P The other part was inspired by this section of the manga:

Pinako: "It's almost as if you're his parent, Al."
Al: "It's true. It's not easy having such a high-maintenance older brother."
Winry: "I can hardly tell which one of you is the older brother."

Yeah. XD I find little things like that interesting. I just imagine Ed as being someone so busy with all the big things in life that he forgets the little but still important things. ..Hm, I'm getting a sense of deja vu...

Originally Al was smiling more, but I think he figured out that his brother must be up to something. Or maybe my pen just slipped. Y'know. :P

There are some mistakes, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. You'll have to forgive my Al, it's my first try drawing human!Al. And now I've officially typed WAY too much for a picture description!

Hope you like it anyway. XD

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