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Alphonse Theme #6 あざ (bruise)

Well it's that time again... time for a new theme!! Yaaay! Read rave review ratever.

#6 aza (bruise)

When Ed finally came back from Munich, Al wanted things to go back to the way they were before. That is, he wanted things to go back to the way they were when he was ten and Ed was eleven. The only problem with that was now he was thirteen and ed was nineteen. They couldn’t exactly go to play in the river… And Ed even seemed a bit uncomfortable sharing a room. He was, after all, a man while Al was still a teenager.

As soon as Ed has his automail back, Al began to ask him to spar like they used to. At first Ed declined. Al was getting upset… it wasn’t long before words like “lazy”, “fat”, and “rusty” were used to “persuade” Ed.

Finally they both stood outside with shorts and T-shirts on, smiling as they each imagined pummeling the other. The fight started out well… they seemed evenly matched. Al got in the first hit. Ed got the second shortly after…. Al cried out in pain as Ed’s right hook sent him sprawling to the ground. Al winced and was about to get up to continue, but Ed was suddenly next to him examining where his automail came in contact with Al’s arm.

“Shit. It looks like a bruised the bone. Stay right there, I’ll be back with some ice!” Ed rushed inside before his brother could say a word, leaving his brother dumbfounded.

Maybe nothing could be the same as it was.
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