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Les Poissons
parody on song Les Poissons from The Little Mermaid
Envy finally cracked from jealously of being neglected by Hoho-papa for he is paying too much atention on Edward. so Envy decides to punish poor Ed. o_o

Les Eds
Les Eds
How I love les Eds
Love to chop
And to serve little Eds
First I cut off their heads
Then I pull out the bones
Ah mais oui
Ca c'est toujours delish
Les Eds
Les Eds
Hee hee hee
Hah hah hah
With the cleaver I hack them in two
I pull out what's inside
And I serve it up fried
God, I love little Eds
Don't you?

Here's something for tempting the palate
Prepared in the classic technique
First you pound the Ed flat with a mallet
Then you slash through the skin
Give the belly a slice
Then you rub some chocolate in
'Cause that makes him taste nice

(Zut alors, I have missed one!)

Sacre bleu
What is this?
How on earth could I miss
Such a sweet little shrimply Ed?
Quel dommage
What a loss
Here we go in the Gate
Now some tatoos, I think
Just a dab
Now I stuff you with Philosophers stone
It don't hurt 'cause you're dead
And you're certainly lucky you are
'Cause it's gonna be hot
In my big silver hell pot
Toodle loo mon Ed
Au revoir!

Be Our Guest
parody on song from Beauty and Beast
This took place when Envy is offering the Philosopher stone to Wrath. Suddenly when Wrath was about to refuse it all the Homunculus jumps out and start singing xDD

Ma chere Moofy, it is with deepest pride
and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a
chair as the dining room proudly presents - your

Be our guest
Be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And we provide the rest
Soup du jour
Hot hors d'oeuvres
hy, we only live to serve
Try the red stuff, it's delicious
Don't believe me? Ask the Hohenheim
He can sing
He can dance
After all we are immortals
And a dinner here is never second best
Go on, unfold your menu
Take a glance and then you'll
Be our guest
Oui, our guest
Be our guest

Be our guest
Be our guest
Our command is your request
It's ten years since we had anybody here
And we're obsessed
(With your meal)
(With your ease)
Yes, indeed, we aim to please
While the candlelight!Envy's still glowing
Let us help you
We'll keep going

Course by course
One by one
'Til you shout, "Enough! I'm done!"
Then we'll sing you off to trance as you digest
Tonight you'll become Homunculus
But for now, let's eat up
Be our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Please, be our guest

I Wan'na Be Like You
parody of song Jungle book.
Al wants to learn from Roy how to make fire so he can become human by...burning himself. o_O
anyways lets listen. o_o

Now I'm the king of the armors
Oh, the museum VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what botherin' me
I wanna be a man, pyromaniac
And stroll right into town
And be just like the other men
I'm tired of armorin' around!

Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
Talk like you, too
You'll see it's true
An robot like me
Can learn to be humen too

Gee, cousin Al
You're doin' real good

Now here's your part of the deal, cuz
Lay the secret on me of man's red fire

But I don't know how to make fire

Now don't try to kid me, pyromaniac
I made a deal with you
What I desire is man's red fire
To make my dream come true
Give me the secret, pyromaniac
Clue me what to do
Give me the power of man's red flower
So I can be like you

I wanna be like you
I wanna talk like you
Walk like you, too
You'll see it's true
Someone like me
Can learn to be
Like someone like me
Can learn to be
Like someone like you
Can learn to be
Like someone like me!

this is introduction song for Hercules. i foud it perfect to mess it up. xDD

Long ago, in the far away land of ancient Central city
there was a golden age of powerful gods extraordinary alchemists
and greatest and shortest of all these alchemists was the mighty Edward.
But what is the measure of a true alchemist? Now, that is what our story ...

Envy: Will you listen to his yapping?
Lust: He's making the story sound like some angsty Clamp manga!
Wrath: Lighten up, dude.
King Bradley: We'll take it from here, darling.

You go, girls ...
(all Homunculus, no Lust 'n Sloth-- o___O;)

Lust: We are the Homunculus.
Wrath: Antagonists of the story
Greed: and killer of main characters.
Wrath: characters like Edward.
Envy: Honey, you mean Chibi-san!
Pride (King Bradley): I'd like to make some sweet music of it
Sloth: Our story actually begins long before Edward
Glutonny: Many Aaaaeoooons agoooo...

there will be more soon!!
i couldnt make more today, coz my jaw was cut open and now im suffering from blood loss, pain, and hunger. x__X
gimme ideas if you wanna...

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