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Crossover project - Part 1

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Yes, I have come to bring you more weird stuff from the wonderful land of FMA fandom. This time it's a crossover little fanart project I'm doing between FMA and my original creation. The first 2 is up as sketches (I'll colour all of them later). The next 2 should come out later this week.

Without further ado...

Edward Elric as Ran
It's a she. Yeah, Ran's female but she carries herself like a male, the price of having so many brothers. An adventurer extraordinaire she is both a tough lady and a child craving for excitement inside. Full view of her (old) design can be seen here. She has similar hairstyle to Ed, and it's screaming me to swap them for some cosplay action XD

Riza Hawkeye as Michelle Lore
I messed up Riza's face really badly X_X It's hard to draw on such small paper (though the full size is actually B4). I went to deep with the sketching so the paper is almost at the point of being torn by my pen pressure. Didn't ink this one but used a normal B2 pencil to outline. Both girls are gun-toting maniacs, though Michelle employs more firearms like rocket launcher (the one at Riza's back), grenades and automatic rifle. Her (sloppy) design can be seen here.

Please pardon the lowQ pics. I don't wanna clog the loading time of this place.

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