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FMA DVD Vol. 6 and 2nd Starter Set

For those of you unaware, the second Fullmetal Alchemist starter set was released yesterday, as well as DVD Vol. 6.

Got quite a bit of confirmations here about the DVD and starter set.

Captured Souls (Vol. 6)
21. The Red Glow
22. Created Human
23. Heart of Steel
24. Bonding Memories

-Regions: 1 & 4

Dolby Digital 5.1 (English)
Stereo (English)
Stereo (Japanese)*

English Closed Caption
Japanese Translated Subtitles

Textless Opening and Ending
FUNimation Trailers
Character Bios
Production Art
Image Gallery

Included with DVD: Scar Ishbala's Crusader TCG card and Alchemy Text Six

Retail Price: $29.95

*FUNimation's mistakeningly labeling the Japanese audio being mono when it's actually in stereo.

Starter Set #2
Includes: Captured Souls, Fullmetal Alchemist OST 2, and Scar Ishbala's Crusader TCG card

Retail Price: $49.98

Here's the best things about the set itself, FUNimation LEARNED from their mistake from the last tin. They slapped their sticker on the wrapping now, instead of on the tin itself. I still haven't gotten rid of those annoying stickers from my first tin. >_o Aside from that, the case looks REALLY good. Here're the snapshots to prove it.

It's nifty to see that the cases are the opposites. The first set is black, this one is white. The first set only involves Ed and Al while this set focuses on ALL of the characters. I haven't received my copy yet, but a source says it fits Vol. 6 through 9 in it. I doubt this though, since the tins look just about the same size in width and you could probably get the 10th DVD in there.

Do note this. THIS set is indeed a limited set. There are only 20,000 tins available. And if the retail prices are scaring you guys, I'd suggest buying the DVD or starter set from (if you live in the US, that is). - Vol. 6 ($17.99) - Starter Set 2 ($29.99)

You have the option to wait a few days for the stuff to arrive with free shipping, or you can choose other methods of getting them to you faster (which will cost a few extra bucks).

As soon as I get my DVD set, I'll let you all in on anything else I may have missed.

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