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Crossposted everywhere: fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid, fma_het, fma_fiction, fmalchemist, blah blah blah. I'm not doing links for the individual pages - sometimes things get moved for various reasons, and it's just easier to do a single link to the main page. There you can follow the links to your heart's content. So here's what's been added today:

Jaelle – Internal Affairs
Vikki – Omake
Sol 1056 - Find the Moon: 2

Began lists of translation notes; if you're familiar with Japanese, and/or have caught some of the specifics in pronoun usage, feel free to send me your comments. Also updated anime vs. manga page, with comparisons of episodes 24 and 25. Note: trying to avoid spoilers on plot lines, so episode descriptions are purposefully fuzzy.

Reminder: there's also a mailing list, if you don't want to have to check LJ to see what's new. There's a link on the site's menu for it, if you're interested.

scimitar smile

Also, for those of you utterly depressed over episode 25, if you want it, I humbly include a snippet of the next chapter of Moon. 'Cause, well, I guess I needed a little humor, and thought other folks might, too...

"Ah." Duo muttered something under his breath, in his own language, and tucked his chin into the collar of his coat, hiding a smile. "You're...not lots, to be doing this. Looking at not-are people, knowing things in the basement." His eyes were bright, and Edward noticed for the first time just how darkly blue they were.

"Not lots?" Edward scowled. "Like you're one to―"

"I think he means your age, brother," Alphonse said quickly. "Duo, how old are you? How many years?"

"More old than him," Duo said, pointing a thumb at Edward. "Five and ten."

"I'm fifteen," Edward retorted. "You can't be fifteen. You don't look like it."

"So? You don't act like it," Duo shot back. The two boys turned on the sidewalk to face each other. Edward was glaring, while Duo smirked.

In the silence, Alphonse made a worried sound.


- Sol

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