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Fanfic Contest - Iron Smut: Het (Sunday, November 20, 12pm PST)

Announcing Iron Smut Het: Whose Het Shall Reign Supreme?

If memory serves, once in the FMA fandom there was a type of fic contest modeled after the cooking show "Iron Chef". The contestants pit their skills against each other in a two-hour no-holds-barred fanfic writing battle, each trying to most accurately capture the flavor of the Secret Ingredient. Audience members and commentators watch from the sidelines in chat together, providing witty commentary or at the very least, what passes for it :)

This time, the Iron Smut's genre is HET - male/female pairings. Though as always, the exact theme is a secret, please note that the contestants *will* have some flexibility in their choice of pairing. (Authors are not locked into using the same pairing, and noncanon pairings ARE possible, as long as the fic stays m/f.)

Contest details are here!
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