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Fic: That Crimson Bastard Part I

Title: That Crimson Bastard (I)
Series: Cen City
Author: Shoeless Wanderer
Warnings: Very AU. Pedophila (talked about, but not written about) and violence for this chapter. Some swearing. First person Scar
Rating: R
Pairings: Implied rape of Mei by Kimblee. Later Mei/Scar.
Summary: A take on the "That Yellow Bastard" arc from Sin City (comic and movie) featuring Scar as Hartigan and Mei as Nancy.
Author's Notes: This is really myself taking a break after my NaNo and writing a bit of fanfic to get the juices flowing again. This was written with the inspiration for the story in my hand with very few changes. If you haven't read or seen Sin City, go do it. I love it.
Copyright: Sin City and all related ideas are (C) Frank Miller/Dark Horse Books. FMA (C) Respective owners. This is just for entertainment.

Comments and critque and welcome.

It’s the last day of a chapter in my life. Maybe one or two hours left to go. It’s not my idea per say, it’s the arm. It’s telling me to tie up some loose ends and then go back to my people. I’m getting comfortable with the idea of stopping my killing of state alchemists and settling down in the Ishbalian villages that are around. Even if I end up still remaining a wanted man, they won’t sell me out. It’s comforting. There’s just one loose end to tie up. There’s some girl off in the hands of some sadistic bastard, and the arm is telling me to go save her. I owe her anyway. She’s saved my life once or twice. Equivalent exchange.

I try to tune out Yoki as he pulls on my jacket, yelling at me. “Damnit, you’re going to get us both killed!” he says, trying to stop me.

”Let go of my jacket,” I say, storming through the back allies of Central City.

“You really shoudlnt’ be doing this,” Yoki continues. I ignore him. He says something about alerting the police, telling me to wait, that I’ll get captured. I snort.

“Sure, and they’ll just happen to show up after that sick bastard gets his thrills out of his seventh victim. Mei. She’ll be raped and turned into a goddamned bomb. The police will take their time and show up RIGHT after the explosion and that Kimblee bastard will get away.

”You’ve got a great attitude towards life Yoki. A real help to humanity.”

“Take a breath and calm down!” Yoki says. “You’re a wanted man, and eventually you’re going to be found and executed by the state. You’re not helping anyone by saving that girl.”

I pause. “Maybe you’re right,” I mutter, thinking.

”Glad to hear you talking sense. We should get going…”

I reach out and slam Yoki into the wall with great force and let out a few words that my people don’t consider curses, but those in Central do, and start walking again. Damnit. Mei can’t be younger than 10 or 11. For all I know, she’s already dead.

I start running. Half way to the empty block of flats where I heard through some chimaeras that my arm starts to glow. Shit. I hope it’s in response to what I’m going to have to do, but the arm aches. The tattoo’s started to come off lately, and the arm’s been sore as all get out. It’s not a good omen.

I stop as I near an ally. There’s a car parked there, a real nice one. It’s not suspicious like some big wig military people have, it’s nice and normal looking. Trust a man like Kimblee to totally plan out something as elaborate as this. I walk over to the car and start to play around with it. Think like Kimblee. He needs something to get away in. But you can’t get far if your car won’t start.

I lift up the hood of the car and take out the sparkplugs, and discontect several wires in the car batteries. You aren’t going anywhere Kimblee.

The car’s right next to the door of the apartment building where those chimeras said Kimblee had gone with Mei. I can’t hear any screams. There’s a chance I’m there just in time, or I’m way too late.

I’ve heard stories and read articles about his victims and how in their last moments they’re slashed to ribbons with eyes as big as dinner plates. The few that have been saved get moved to a special hospital area and in a bomb shelter. They get observed by the state until they blow up. The state knows what Kimblee does and does nothing about it. That’s not the point. The point is that Kimblee can only get it up if they scream. And they scream.

I slam through the door. A few hired protectors come running at me. I only have to put my hand on them and they die. I hope they don’t feel it, but I’m sure they do. My arm starts to ache again. Damnit. Not now. Not now.

I feel a bullet sink into my other arm, but it’s just a tiny scratch. I can see Kimblee by the wall, grinning like the madman he is. He’s got a hostage. That bastard.

Kimblee makes a run for the door, and I try to stop him. I fail and he gets to the car, but the thing won’t start. He’s starting to swear and curse at it, and I’m grinning because I know exactly why it won’t start. He starts to run, but I’m standing in front of the only ally that leads to this place, glaring at the sick bastard. “It’s over,” I say. “Let the girl go.”

He doesn’t let her go. He instead holds the girl tightly to him and starts yelling at me. “You can’t do a goddamned thing to me Ishbal scum! You know who I am! You know what power I have! You can’t touch me you piece of shit heathen!”

“Yes I can.” I glare some more. I’ve never wanted to truly kill someone before. Now I do. It’s not just the arm anymore. It’s me. I want to kill him.

”Look at you!” He presses a gun to Mei’s face. Her eyes are wide, but she’s staying calm. Good girl. Smart girl. “You’re wounded. You can’t even move! You can’t come over here and try to break me down!”

“Sure I can.” I put on all the speed I can and lung at him. He falls over, not expecting what I did. The gun goes flying out of his hand. I tackle him and try to kill him. My attack misses, and an ear falls off instead. My knees are sitting on his chest and my arms are holding his hands down, so he can’t try to blow me up. Mei’s managed to break free of his grasp. “Mei, close your eyes. You don’t want to see this.” She looks at me all bug eyed for a minute. “I mean it, cover your eyes, now!”

I’ve taken away one of his weapons. My arm takes away one of his hands. Then I take away his final weapon that rests in the middle of his pants. There’s blood all over the place, and my hands are covered in it. Kimblee is curled up in a ball, screaming.

I heard gun shots behind me, and they punch through my chest. Looks like I’m not going to have the opportunity to return to those camps.

“Dammit.” It’s Yoki’s voice.

It’s weird. I don’t fall down. Why the hell am I still standing up? There are three bullets in my back, I can count them. You’d think I’d be dead already, but I’m just hunched over, trying to stop the blood from flowing.

”For God’s sake man, stop fighting. You’re only making it worse!” Yoki says.

”I’m fine!” I snarl. “Never better. I’m going to kick your ass you bastard.”

I try to keep him talking. There’s the distant wail of sirens and I’m hoping that they’ll let me go off because Kimblee’s capture is more important than mine. Keep him talking.

“You’ve gone nuts!” Yoki says. His voice is starting to crack. I think I’m scaring him. “Just stay down! I’ll kill you if I have to.”

I lumber over towards him. Kimblee’s still screaming in pain, and I can’t help but laugh. Yoki’s eyes get wider. “What have you, gone deaf?! I said not to move!

”Sorry, I got distracted,” I grin. “I got distracted listening to Kimblee sequal. I blew off his nuts and his precious hands!”

The sirens are still far off, and I’m starting to get dizy. Mei’s staring, her eyes still wide. I turn to her, “Get out of here Mei.”

”No, don’t listen to him!” Yoki counters. “He’s a crazy man, stay where you are!”

The poor kid is confused. Dammit. Keep Yoki talking. Keep him angry.

“You’re a real tough man. First you shoot someone who’s helped you in the past and then you try to scar a little girl?! You’re a goddamn pansy! You’re a damn southern pansy and I’m going to kick your pansy ass!”

”You’re doing nothing! I’m through being nice like this, shit down and shut the hell up!” He levels the gun at me. Keep him angry.

“I’m going to kick your ass. Pop you like a pimple. Hell, maybe I’ll take off a limb first for fun! It’s not like you could stop me. You’re slow and fat. I’d have all the time in the world.”

”Don’t try to bullshit your way out of it. You’re not fooling anyone! Had you stayed level headed, we could have worked something out, but it’s too late! I’m not taking any chances!”

I start to move towards him when a gunshot echos and lodges itself just above my stomach. I stumble backwards and rest against the ally wall. I’m finally sitting, like I was told to.

Mei still hasn’t gone yet. She’s staring at me with her Xingese eyes all wide and big. She walks over to me and sits on my lap and curls up and begins to cry. I don’t mind. An old man dies, a little girl lives. It’s a fair trade.

Things go dark. I really don’t mind. I can’t feel any pain, and I’m starting to get sleepy.

That’s fine.

She’ll be safe.

To be Continued…
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