IgorS (iigho) wrote in fm_alchemist,

The Best AMVs

Today I finally decided to systematize everything of Fullmetal Alchemist AMV I have on my computer. :)


I made a small list of what I have - AMV's title, song used in AMV and the place this AMV can be found.


Essential to say that AMVs from this list are may be some 3rd or 4th part of all FMA AMVs I have ever downloaded, here are only the best of those. Everything else of downloaded I have purposely deleted through I do not like them and therefore I do not need them. So I advise you to take a look at them if you haven't already seen those AMV.




Title Music
Protect Me From What I Want Placebo : Protège Moi Link
Two For Tragedy Nightwish : Two for Tragedy Link
Alchemist's Job Enomine : Mitternacht Link
Heaven's Not Enough Steve Conte : Heaven's Not Enough Link
My Immortal (Tribute) Evanescence : My Immortal Link
Gates Of Dawn Secret Garden : Gates of Dawn Link
Innocence Lost Evanescence : Field of Innocence Link
It's Maes' Life Bon Jovi : It's My Life Link
Mad World Gary Jules : Mad World Link
Alchemist With Gold Eyes Instrumental /* Apocalyptica : Path */ Link


AMAZING (IMHO, some small fault in video, audio or I just didn’t like the music :)) :


Title Music
Always Hardcore Scooter : One Link
Battlevision For A Life Rhapsody : Emerald sword Link
Kid Fears IIndigo Girls : Kid Fears Link
I Am Fullmetal Christian Wunderlich : The One and Only Link
Alchemist's War Nightwish : Tenth Man Down Link
Manga Music Video Zippers : Happiness Link
Greed vs. Envy Anything You Can Do Link


To download file from www.animemusicvideos.org you need to register there. Registration is free, so you can’t have any problems with it.


And if you know about some AMV I haven't mentioned but you think it IS REALLY WORTH to be side by side with those I noticed, please tell me at least its' title! :D


Enjoy! :)


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