aksarah (aksarah) wrote in fm_alchemist,

hyothosizing. be up to anime ep 25 before reading!

btw, i haven't read the manga yet...

ok. so i was just doing some data entry at work and hughes was weighing heavy on my head...

theory 1) the whole 'hughes is not 'really' dead' idea. he DID get hit sort of in the gut, didn't look that life-threatening... and bradley seemed like he wanted hughes on the case, so MAYBE hughes survived and is now deep undercover. hughes was in intel, as someone pointed out... you never know.


i just thought...

theory 2) bradley had douglas [sloth] take hughes to marco. MAYBE bradley on the homonclus side! ack! then hughes is so dead.
when the boys were in the 5th lab and bradley sent everyone in after them lust had said that the homonclus needed ed alive, right? so if bradely is on the homonclus side, this makes even more sense for him to do.

ahhh. that would suck. please let theory #1 be right...

or neither.

i've been working too hard. *nods*

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