Just another crazy LJ-er (inane_nana) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Just another crazy LJ-er


His first name intrigues and bothers me. I happen to find 'Maes' a terribly orgasmic name [excuse the language] but I just can't figure out its origins.
Havoc's first name is obviously French, Breda [Heymans, right?] German etc. How about Maes? Anyone has an idea which country this name originates from? At some point I thought it was German, but it just doesn't sound right. >_> [and I read it sometimes transcribed as 'Mars' -which is perfectly fine- but the official spelling is still Maes, right?]

I know, I'm too curious and asking a lot of useless questions. Someone kick me on the nads and I'll stop.
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