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More chapter 53 icons!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made just a few Chapter 53 icons. These were done while I was listening to Atomship, so naturally the lyrics ended up on the icons. XD

Total Icons: 6
[2] Alphonse
[2] Edward
[1] Furher King Bradley
[1] Ed/Al


Spoilers for Chapter 53, obviously.

1.   2.   3.
4.   5.   6.

1. /and though your soul's been withered and wisped away/ - "Withered"
2. /sitting and waiting and waiting and watching and watching and waiting cause I am the alien.
Wishing and hoping and hoping and praying and praying and hoping that we are the aliens/ - "Aliens"
3. /and if you wait on me I'll be free one day/ - "Time for People"
4. /your pride can never die/ - "Pencil Fight"
5. /plastic people paint the skies/ - "Plastic People"
6. /I left all my friends back around the bend/ - "Friends"

Comment and credit please if you take any!
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