Just another crazy LJ-er (inane_nana) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Just another crazy LJ-er

Searching for an episode

Erm, I must confess right upfront that I never finished watching the anime. Even thought I'd love to watch the arc where Roy's rebllion unfolds... I just couldn't make it past episode 26. Apparently nothing stuck to memory. Thanks to lorei for answering my first question.

But I've watched an AMV in which Ed complains about Roy and it goes something like "GAR, I'm not asking anything to this colonel shit. He'll be all like Ed-kun, is that you? Where are you I can't see you because you're so small" And then he imitates the colonel and lifts his feet, supposedly to find Ed underneath.

OK, I know this isn't a very wonderful description, but does anyone know which episode it's from? I'd like to watch it if I can, because that was simply hilarious. Xd

And if someone feels like really doing a good deed, helping me find when the active part of Roy's rebellion arc starts would be awesome.

Sorry, for being such a beggar. If this post is against the rules, I'll delete it. ;_;
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