Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Youmacon Report

Zrana went to Youmacon, and there IS some info on FMA hidden in it.


Okay, I won't make you dig. Vic and Caitlin (mainly Vic, cuz he's so much more boistrous XD) told people how Funi has sent a request to Aniplex for permission to add his Fullmetal Fantasy as a DVD extra somewhere along the line (cross your fingers!). And also, aniplex is wanting to do a THEATRICAL release of the movie when it's put out in English.

And if the 2nd PS2 game doesn't sell better, we might not get the 3rd game released here. No news on Dream Carnival though. (The referred to the 3rd game as Dream Carnival, but we explained how there's a 3rd RP game that is a sequel to Broken Angel, and Dream Carnival is the fighter game--and there were talking about the 3rd RP game.)

For those going, wha huh eh, Vic=English Ed, and Caitlin=English Winry. Figured I say that just to be on the safe side.

Edit: Mind you, a theatrical release could be a VERY limited release. (And seems the most likely to me as well.)

Edit2: screened some stuff cuz I started talking about a business thingie that I was told not to talk publicly about. Oops.
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