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Our fic

This is just 4 chapters of our story (Mine and Aiyia's), so please read the lj-cut to know the spoilers. D: Remember Its AFTER the movie.

Title: Daughter
Authors: miki05 & aiyia
Rating: PG but may go higher as the chapter go.
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Angst.
Pairings: Edward x Winry and other pairings as the story develops.
Warnings: After Movie Spoilers and many other new characters!

Summary: Edward and Alphonse are still in Germany. Edward is now married to Winry's alter, and also has a child named Trisha .. but Edward and Alter!Winry's love is not pure ..(Please review as always :D)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 *NEW*


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