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Bearing icons...

Hi^^ Yesterday I joined this community and today I decided that it was time to post something è____é... Between Today and yesterday I overdid with my usual U2 jab XD and I did some icons featuring some of their songs combined with FMA screenshots, mostly of them are RoyAi *loves teh pairing* and all the pictures are from the episodes #13 and #51, so some of them contain spoilers. Credit is required è___é.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

1. "Jesus can you take the time"/Riza in #51/lyrics from "Peace on Earth"
2. "Maybe you can educate my mind"/Riza force-feeding an injured Roy in #51 XDDD/lyrics from "Elevation" *RoyAiness mode on <3*
3. "Thrill me"/Black Hayate threatened by his sweet XDDD master in #13/lyrics from "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me"
4. "If I crawl, If I came crawling home, will you be there"/Riza cries on a bleeding Roy in #51, this made me SOB. *<3*/lyrics from "In a Little While"
5. "Walk on"/Ed and Al walking in the latests shots from the 4th opening, Rewrite *heart*, these songs mean so much to me, so I just had to do this/lyrics from "Walk On"
6. "Unos, dos, tres, catorce!"/Sparkling Roy! *-*/lyrics from "Vertigo"
7. "My, oh my, my, oh my"/Puzzled Roy facing one of his victims in Ishbal/lyrics from "The Ground Beneath Her Feet"
8. "Only Love"/One of the latest screenshots from the last episode, portraiting Roy, Black Hayate and Riza as a cute family *__*/lyrics from "The Ground Beneath Her Feet"
9. "If you walk away"/Riza's hand in #25, as she faintly tries to reach Roy. Such a melancholic icon.../Lyrics from "I will follow"

And BTW I'm Italian, so if you notice some grammar mistakes in my posts, don't hesitate to tell me about them so I can correct everything è___é!

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