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[Author] Mara D (Watarisgirl/Lady Jade)
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] RoyxEd Hinted AlXWinry Stephen(oc)xRiza
[Rating] Not work safe.NC17
[Beta] cherrymelle
[Spoilers?] Yes. It's fairly AU. My take on the end of the series, The movie doesn't exist at all for me.
[Chatter] Wow. No sex, sorry but...the plot thickens ^_^ warning for Ed's excessive use of the caps lock. Angst warning too...but what else is new? ^_^


Ed was sitting on the train, his hands in his lap and staring straight ahead.

Roy was silent beside him, not even daring to glance at his lover, who was biting his lip and squinting very hard.

Roy was afraid to move, afraid to do anything in the slightest, because he knew without a doubt that Ed was about to completely lose control, and he did not want to be the one that Ed railed against. He couldn’t help him like that, and he knew that the pain, all of this grief in so short a time would have to come out somehow. The behavior he was seeing from his lover was the sort of thing he had seen in a much younger Edward, usually right before he had a dramatic outburst in the middle of Roy’s office.

They were still twelve hours from Dublith, and Roy was starting to hurt from Ed’s silence, realizing that the smaller man was getting closer and closer to hysterics. He hoped that did not involve the derailment of the train, all things considered, it was a very cold night.

He sighed then, just slightly, and dropped his head into his hands. They just couldn’t catch a break.

The calls had come within minutes of each other, both of them with devastating news. Ed had taken it all in tight lipped, trembling silence. Roy had taken Ed and Winry to the hospital first, where Ed had told Alphonse the news, had rocked him silently as he had cried. Roy had done his best, embracing both young men while one cried and the other stared. He had tried to shelter them from the pain. Winry had cried into Roy’s shoulder for a while too. There had been a tearful goodbye from Al and Winry, and a promise from the young woman that she would look after Al. Then Ed and Roy’s next stop was at the main offices.

Roy had left a silent Ed to sit at his desk, next to a broken Fuery, who was reduced to a quivering wreck. One of the state alchemists that had been killed on guard duty had been the tiny and gentle man’s best friend.

Roy had soothed over the panic in the main offices as best he could, and had joined a few other high ranking alchemists in reconstructing the basement. He guessed that Ed and he would no longer be required to fix it up. The whole process of reconstruction only took an hour or so. Then he had gone, met with the Fuhrer.

Stephen had been just as distressed at the news. He had pulled out a hip flask, and gave Fuery a stiff drink of whiskey, and a swig or two to Edward as well.

And now Ed and Roy were on their way to Dublith with the Fuhrer’s orders to attend yet another funeral…as well as to locate Hoenheim’s secret laboratory, and with any luck, Envy’s remains too. They had requested that Sig not move or bury the remains, not until they got there and could evaluate the situation. Roy had explained to the grieving man over the phone that he might undo Izumi’s sacrifice if he moved anything. The anguished man had grudgingly acquiesced.


Al’s tears stained the front of his shirt, and he sat there seething inside. Izumi was dead. Izumi was dead…they had found bones…the bones of an infant…within an array…it looked as though she had killed herself. Killed herself…Izumi? No. He knew what happened. He had said nothing to Stephen or Roy about that situation except that “They wouldn’t be seeing Wrath around anymore.” Roy had drawn his own conclusions, Ed’s conclusions, rather quickly. Stephen had made sympathetic noises as he had listened.

Ed honestly wished he could say the same for Envy too, that they would not be troubled by homunculus any longer.

He wished his bastard half brother was dead, dead for all the pain he had caused.

The longer he sat on the train, the worse the agony was. Every creak was an accusing voice. Every click and groan from the tracks felt like it was designed to go straight into his brain like a lance. There was a funny pressure building in his chest, something that got worse and worse the longer he thought about it. Someone else he loved, dead and gone. Gone. His thoughts, his questions were piling on top of each other, all slowly creating a mountain of pain and seemingly insurmountable odds. He was writhing imperceptibly under his own skin.

It didn’t ache, no, this was a fresh and blinding hurt. Just when he thought he had felt every kind of pain there was to feel… He had been shoving the helplessness and rage down for so long now, and it was boiling up, boiling over. He didn’t want to be on this train to Dublith for another twelve hours, he wanted to find Envy and tear him into little pieces right now, not be sitting here…just sitting here…sitting here….

He clenched his good fist until his fingernails bit into his palm, drawing blood. He tried to be still, tried not to be irrational, but the longer he contemplated his heartbeat, contemplated the snow against the windowpanes and the way the train lumbered through the night, the more panicked he became. He was trapped…wounded…and his first instinct was to /fight/.

He stood up resolutely, like a man who suddenly remembered something he had forgotten, but there was something lethal, coiled about the gesture.

Roy’s head jerked up from where it had been resting in his hands.

His lone gray eye was considering Ed cautiously.

A fine shudder worked its way from Ed’s shoulders all the way to his knees, a few strangely deep breaths working his shoulders in a dangerous motion.

Blood dripped from his palm to the floor.

“It’s not fair.” Ed whispered lowly, hiding underneath his bangs, head tilted down towards the floor to hide his tears, both forearms trembling where his arms were held stiff and slightly away from his sides.


“It’s not fair.” Ed gasped, this time more loudly. Roy stood hesitantly, taking a careful step towards his lover. (He took a moment to thank the heavens that they were alone on this car.)

When Ed moved, it was like a snake striking. He buried his fist in the side of the train, three times before Roy could even get his hands around Ed’s waist.


Roy made no attempt to stop Ed, just to support him.

Roy made understanding noises as he tucked his face into the relative safety of the space between Ed’s shoulderblades.

“GET OFF ME BASTARD! DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” Ed howled, the desperation and rage making his voice thin and ragged. He tried to shake Roy off, but couldn’t really reach him. He did manage to twist around though, and take a swipe at the bigger man.

Roy just pulled Ed out into the aisle and kicked his feet out from under him, riding him down to the ground.

“I HATE THIS! I FUCKING HATE THIS! I HATE YOU! I HATE EVERYTHING!” Ed screamed as he pounded the floor of the train now helplessly. It was the only thing he was able to reach, and so he was beating it mercilessly with a clenched automail fist.

Roy restrained Ed as best he could, as the young man wailed and struggled, hissed and spit and snarled.


Ed managed to clap his hands together, to attempt to turn his alchemy on himself. Roy used one gloved hand to shove the energy away, used a quick snap of his fingers to interrupt the alchemy. This of course meant that the carpet caught fire briefly, and that pure golden light exploded through the train, lighting the whole inside of the car up like a stadium.

Roy had to close his eye against the brightness. When he could see again, Ed was gone, someone had kicked him so hard in the ribs that he couldn’t get any air, and his handgun was missing.

Roy bolted in the only direction that it was possible Ed had gone. Towards the back of the train.

Roy didn’t blame Ed. He had been in this very situation before, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t frantic to stop his lover.


Ed stood on the back platform of the caboose in the cold night air. Snow was whipping his face, the wind was freezing his tears before they fell, and he was numb, cold, unable to get enough air, almost floating.... There was only one way to deal with this. Only one way. He didn’t want to do it. He really didn’t, even with the steel pressed under his jaw as it was. Common sense said he would only be hurting those around him more than protecting them, but he wanted this to end. This constant pain. His automail was nagging him, his body was a singing knot of stress.

He gritted his teeth, his finger convulsing on the trigger just as the door flew open.

He didn’t have time to contemplate, there was just a pain under his jaw, and then the warmth of blue and gold.

He blinked, breathing fast through his teeth as he gasped around tears. Trying to make any sound that wasn’t feral with pain, that wasn’t buried in fabric.

He didn’t understand what had happened, as fast as it had occurred.

“Drop it.” Someone whispered in his ear, squeezing his wrist until the muscles had no choice but to comply and relinquish what he was holding. There was a clatter of steel on steel.

What had he been holding?

Another arm snaked around him, pulling him tighter, closer. He recognized the smell of flint, of cinnamon and something hot and almost sweet. Something was warm, warm against his chest and belly. A warm body against the snow, and familiar, especially the way he could hide in the hollow of that shoulder.

“Come back inside Edward…Come back in where it’s warm.”


He knew this would happen eventually, he had just hoped desperately that it wouldn’t.

It had been a surprisingly easy matter to yank the weapon away from Ed’s jaw, to make him drop it and pull him close as he was holding him now.

Ed was limp against him in the icy wind, scraped, bruised and leaning into Roy heavily.

Roy lead him unsteadily back through several cars of bewildered passengers until they reached the empty military car.

Roy lead them back to their seat, and settled himself, and then Ed.

Ed was sobbing incoherently now, so hard that Roy wondered if he might end up making himself pass out. Roy didn’t mind about his clothing, about the rivers of tears and snot wetting down his General’s jacket. All that mattered was Edward, holding him through this pain.

Ed was howling, choking, whimpering, and Roy just rocked him, stroking his hair, murmuring to him. For the longest time he got no response at all, and that was okay.

Roy understood this emotion. It seemed as if it were just yesterday that he had held that very gun underneath his own chin…

So he kept rocking, kept whispering. It took what seemed like a lifetime, but could not have been more than the course of two hours that Ed finally tapered off crying incoherently.

He hiccupped fitfully, and finally, pulled back from Roy’s chest enough to make eye contact.

“Roy?!” His voice was almost a whinny. “Did I…did I?”

“Yes.” Roy answered lowly, no judgment in his tone.

“Oh god…what did I try to do…what if I…you…Al…Winry…oh…oh god…”

“Hush Fullmetal, be still. Let’s clean you up?”


Ed was still, though trembling a bit as Roy used a towel from the beverage car and a bottle of water to clean him up. To soothe the swelling from red eyes and to wipe that pained face clean.

He scrubbed the cuts from Ed’s fingernails, and soothed bruised and scraped knuckles with cool water.

Ed was limp, accepting, almost lost in Roy’s arms as he tended to him, and that was more unnerving to Roy than the previous outburst..

When Ed was finally clean, Roy laid him down, settling the weary young man into his lap.

“I’m sorry.” Ed whispered meekly as he curled up against Roy and the bench, eyelids already half closed.

“Don’t be…this is hard…” Roy soothed, tangling his fingers through Ed’s hair, stroking his side from shoulder to hip.

Ed was asleep in less than an hour. After that they dimmed the lights in the cabin and there was nothing but the faint glow from the headlamp of the train illuminating the snow from time to time.

Roy sat awake. And he thought. Soothing Ed through restless whimpers, through tiny sighs of dissatisfaction and cramping muscles from the bench they were curled on.

Occasionally, the moon came out from behind a cloud, and still, Roy Mustang was awake, watching the poles along the tracks flash by, illuminating and darkening the pale skin of Ed’s sleeping face rhythmically. He didn’t want to think about what Ed was going to have to confront in Dublith. He did not want to think about journals or Hoenheim or more death and killing.

A soft set of thoughts for a soldier. For a dog of the Military. For a General. Perhaps because he was getting older, perhaps because he was just tired. Perhaps because he had devoted so much of his life to gore and war in a vain attempt to bring about peace by the time he was ready for it in age and spirit. Perhaps…he simply wanted to retire peacefully with his lover and enjoy some semblance of…life. He of course, dismissed those thoughts as fanciful and unrealistic, but it didn’t make him long any less for something…better, for the both of them.

So he took on the problems facing them. Contemplating in the stillness the troubles of Central, Dublith, Stephen, and of course Envy. There was a piece of the puzzle missing. After all, Envy had been freed by an outside attack. Whoever had been behind the scenes, quietly pulling the strings, had had no choice. If Roy’s guess was correct, from what he had gleaned from Ed about these homunculus, Wrath had struck out on his own when not governed by Envy, disobeying whatever his orders were, to go back to his mother, for a reason only known between mother and son. With no one to do the dirty work…the puppet master had had to come out of the woodwork. The puppet master, having significantly fewer homunculus than they must originally have had, had no choice but to rescue Envy…but…

The action seemed desperate to him, made by someone who much preferred to remain hidden. The next question was…why was this person so desperate? And more importantly, how could they be drawn out of hiding again.

It took some time, but eventually Roy too squirmed into a more comfortable position, holding Ed a bit tighter for warmth, and pushed away his restless thoughts, falling lightly asleep.


Stephen sat heavily on the couch, one hand on his forehead. It was bad enough that he practically lived on top of Central’s main offices. There had been hysteria among his bodyguards, among the men and women in the dorms, and among the State Alchemists that lived around the area of the attack.

He had done everything he could to soothe those who were frightened, to provide a strong shoulder for those uneasy. He had made several announcements, toured the dorms, toured the offices, and made plans with First Lieutenant Quinn for security updates.

Her opinion had been that Envy, unless someone pried the stones out, would no longer be able to shape shift. She had several civilian consultants and a few resident chimera experts to back her theory up. The problem was that whoever had broken Envy out, had more than likely known how to help Envy considering he seemed to have left under his own power.

And then there was the puzzle of the Elric boy’s master. Edward had seemed convinced from what he had been told over the phone that Wrath was no longer among the living…or…whatever homunculus were…the questions he had were numerous, but fortunately simple. From what he knew, he only had to wonder about how his right hand General and the son of Hoenheim Elric were going to locate Envy’s remains. And then the question was, if they could find them in time.

Roy had muttered something about suspicion of a third party…but who? Who would know? How could they find this person?

“Fuhrer Holting, you asked for me?”

Stephen looked up as Colonel Riza Hawkeye entered the room, and for a moment, his glum mood lifted.

“Ah yes, please call me Stephen.”

“S...Stephen.” She said, slipping out of her snowy boots, and removing her frosted dress coat. Stephen slid gracefully to his feet, and took it from her with a shy smile. “Please come in from the cold, have a glass of wine with me, I was thinking of one for myself.”

“I should not drink when I am on duty.” Riza said smartly, but there was an underlying tone to her statement that made Stephen believe she was very tempted.

“You aren’t on duty anymore. You are staying here for the night.”

“Sir, I have at least two more perimeter checks before dawn, and I…”

“Riza…this weather is beastly. There are dozens of other highly competent men out there doing what you have been doing, and are able to do it just as well…perhaps…not as thoroughly but…”

Riza blushed almost immediately at the compliment before seeing past it.

“Sir, I assure you that this is highly irregular…”



“Stephen…I am asking you on a date. You are a beautiful woman, and you are amazing company. There is no one I would rather have at my side at a time like this. I will be a gentleman. I only ask for the pleasure of your company over a glass of very ancient wine.”

“That would be fraternizing and I…”

“Riza Hawkeye…”


“That’s better…do you enjoy my company?”

Riza blinked for a moment, taken aback and quite surprised to boot.

“Of course I do sir…I prefer your company over many others’ not because you are a man of power, but because you are…comfortable to speak with.”

The flustered blush was back. Stephen allowed himself a small and yet, insecure smile.

“Then please, try to relax and enjoy what is left of this snowy evening in front of my fireplace. There is no more we can do this night. I assure you, our attacker was not foolish. They will not be back again for some time. Please, I have had a trying day and wish the company of a friend…is that too much to ask?”

“I have no other real obligations tonight, Hayate contracted a cold and is currently at the veterinarian’s office. I can stay the night without hazard, if that would make you more comfortable.”

“It really would Riza, thank you.”


Alphonse shivered, sitting up on the bed now with a basin between his knees. He had sobbed until he had made himself sick to his stomach, so Winry was holding his hair tenderly in one fist, and the other was blotting a cool washcloth against the back of Al’s neck.

“Winry?” Al asked piteously between shivers. “Is it stupid…that I want Brother right now?”

“No.” Winry said softly, stroking the sweat off of Al’s collar bones. “When I get sick, there is no one else I would rather have with me than Auntie or well…Mom.”

“I’m sorry.” Al said quickly, guiltily.

“Why are you sorry Al?”

“I at least have brother…you don’t have anyone…anymore.”

“Al…I like to think…that I still have you and Ed…General Mustang…you have…always been there for me…all of you…and I want you all by my side…”

“Winry?...” Al was timidly silent for a moment. “….I want you too.”

Winry blinked, and then turned practically crimson.

“What…what…do you mean?” She asked, laughing a bit nervously.

“Please…don’t laugh…” Al said glumly.

Winry stopped abruptly then, moving a bit closer.

“I’m sorry…Al…do you…really mean that?”

Al looked up at her shyly through his bangs.

“Brother was wrong…I knew you wouldn’t want me…not after…not with…all these…” Al clasped at his weak shoulder for emphasis. “I couldn’t even hold you, be strong for you…I can’t be who you need me to be. I can’t be like Ed…” Al murmured.

“Alphonse.” Winry said, setting the rag down and cupping her damp hand around Al’s chin, tilting it up slightly so that she could make eye contact with burnished bronze, lashes still damp with tears.

“I don’t want Edward…I want you.” She murmured. “After all, you won the fight didn’t you?”

Al stared up at Winry with eyes full of hope, love, and disbelief.

“Yes.” He whispered softly. “Yes I did.”

“Remember how I told you ‘no’ last time?” She asked.


“I changed my mind.”

“But I only look like I’m fourteen!” (His birthday was a year behind and a week after Ed’s.)

“I know you are older than that Alphonse, and the rest of the world, well, I don’t really care what they think.”


Ed woke wearily as the sun rose, stiffly pushing himself up off of Roy’s lap.

He rubbed his eyes, looking around in confusion. It wasn’t uncommon for him to wake up on a train. It was uncommon for him to be with Roy, alone in a train car. He was having a great deal of trouble remembering what had happened last night for some reason…

His face felt stiff, his head and neck ached, and his automail felt like it had frozen.

He groaned slightly in denial, not really wanting to pull away from Roy’s warmth for some reason.

“Roy?” Ed whispered as he watched a lone gray eye drift open to regard him, full of love and worry and…

Oh. Oh no.

“Roy…Did I?”


Roy watched Ed waken through lowered lashes. The sun felt much too bright and his whole body ached from cradling Ed for this many hours. His lover was looking around, unburdened for the moment by pain or memories. Or that was how it seemed. He watched Ed’s face go from curious and weary to crushed and frightened.

The blond was suddenly staring up at him in horror.

“Oh Jesus Christ Roy…I’m so sorry…” Ed whispered, golden eyes suddenly full of frantic fear.

“Edward.” Roy crooned as he stretched a bit, and then reached out to cradle a slightly stiff Ed. “It’s all right. I told the conductor that you had a flashback, that the gun was securely stowed, and that you would not be pulling any more theatrics. We are almost to Dublith…there have been no more issues.”

Ed wouldn’t relax into Roy’s arms, instead he was sitting there stiff, trembling.

“You don’t need this kind of bullshit right now Roy…no one does. Everyone is hurting more than me…and I don’t deserve to be this selfish.” Ed whispered.

Roy shook his head.

“Remember the discussion we had about being selfish before? Let’s take it to the next level.”

Ed grunted, still stiff against Roy’s soothing arms. Roy ignored the resistance and continued.

“Edward, you cannot discredit your pain. Your pain is still your pain, and you have just lost someone else who is very dear to you fresh on the heels of the loss of your Aunt. You have every right to feel as you do.”

“But I…was so…I tried…”

“Edward!” Roy said sharply, drawing a sulking Ed’s immediate attention. Ed gave him a slight glower for the command in his tone.

Good, so Edward wasn’t completely lost. He still was getting by well enough to sulk a bit.

“Edward, we all have times in our lives…when we need to lose control. We all need to go a little crazy. Believe it or not, that is what keeps us sane.”

Ed was relaxing a bit under his grip.

“But I…made a complete fool of myself in front of these people…”

“Whom you will most likely never see again, and none whom are disembarking in Dublith.”

“Are you sure…” Ed asked lowly, eyes peering up through the thicket of his bangs in humiliation.

“I studied the passenger list with First Lieutenant Quinn. If anyone else disembarks in Rizenbul, we have permission to rough them up a little…”

Ed sighed then, barely perceptibly, finally leaning into Roy and dragging his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t worry Edward…” Roy whispered, capturing that lean jaw in one hand. “I think you look amazing.”

“Roy, I have snot and tears crusted to my face, my hair is all nine fucking hell’s messed up, and I smell like a boot.”

Roy smiled down at Ed, and pressed his lips gently to his lover’s.

“I love you anyway.”

He thought Ed might resist the gesture, but the blond didn’t. Instead he chastely returned it and nuzzled up to Roy’s shoulders, straddling his lap so he could hug him more tightly.

Roy wasn’t complaining, although he knew Ed would have to move soon. It wasn’t exactly great public behavior, and they would all be disembarking soon for Dublith, and people might or might not choose to parade through the military car, but for now, he would just enjoy this quiet aching moment with his lover.

When they were together, and quiet in understanding. Some things just hurt like hell, and there was nothing to be done for it other than to sit in silence and hold one another.


Ed held his breath because the morning sun had warmed her corpse enough that death stung his nostrils.

The weather in Dublith was fair enough, it was cold, but not snowing. It seldom snowed here. And that was the problem. Death was heavy in the air.

Sig sat on the outside edge of the array, as if afraid to cross it, and yet, afraid to leave his wife’s side.

Ed understood that feeling all too well. He had stood at his mother’s grave all day, refusing to leave until Al had cried…

Roy was a strong and wary presence at his shoulder as he knelt next to Sig, reaching out to rest a gentle hand on the big man’s shoulder.

Devastated eyes met his.

“I did as you asked.” He said lowly. “When you are done, may I bury her?”

Ed nodded slowly. “I will help you.”

Roy still said nothing, he was just looking over the array, looking over the body sprawled in the grass, the blade through its heart. Her heart. Izumi’s heart.

Ed kept trying to dissociate from her death. Because he would have to pick her up, move her, examine the wound, and help dig the grave.

He swallowed down bile as he took a cautious step inside of the array.

Flies took off in a buzzing cloud.

She had closed her eyes as she died, and he was suddenly, immensely grateful for that.

If they had been open…staring…like his mother’s had been…

He kept going, Roy like his shadow, Sig a silent and brooding presence just outside the circle.

Ed paused, looking over what he saw. Bones. Just bones underneath Izumi…

Automail too. Bits and pieces…it had to be…it was.

Ed gently lifted his master clear of the pile.

He nodded to Roy.

Roy pulled his hand from his pocket, standing over the bones. He snapped his fingers once.

And everything went up in flame.

The array flared briefly with the touch of Roy’s power, but then died down again as the bones snapped and whined as the flames quickly reduced them to ash. Roy had put extra effort into the heat, it must have been, because bone took a long time at higher temperatures to disintegrate to ash as they were doing….and there he went, analyzing things, analyzing facts so he didn’t have to feel.

Wrath was gone.

There was nothing left to bind.

They could move Izumi now.

Ed reached out, just to be sure, and broke a line of the array with his automail hand.

“Give me a hand Sig…it’s okay…to move her.” Ed said, swallowing around the lump in his throat.

He had automatically wanted to call her “it.” Again so that he didn’t have to deal with the reality.

Roy was poking around the circle now, pausing from time to time to pick up a bolt knocked loose from automail, or to examine a spot of blood on the ground.

Ed let him as Sig hugged Izumi’s dead form to himself, obviously trying to ignore the knife handle and the flies, to just hold her close and comfort her, as he could no longer do.

“Tell me…what happened.” The big man asked quietly.

Ed nodded slowly, feeling decidedly sick to his stomach.

Roy was back at his side again, strong hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently. Roy’s way of saying he would handle it if Ed did not wish to.

Ed let the hand stay, but he owed this much to Sig.

“She lured him here. We thought to try and protect him because he was slated for execution if caught.” Ed began softly. “But she didn’t. She lured him here, sealed him so that he could not get away, and then she killed herself in order to finish him.”

“Why?” Sig asked, that deep voice breaking.

Ed winced and swallowed hard.

“Because he was killing people, because he almost killed Al…”

Sig blinked then, slowly, his whole body shaking as he buried his face in her hair.

Ed winced.


The big man just shook his head, trembling.

Ed understood then why the bigger man wasn’t getting up.

“Edward…would you please…make her a headstone? A proper one?”

Ed nodded touching Sig’s shoulder a bit fearfully, he really didn’t know what to do.

“How long…has it been this bad Sig?” Ed asked.

“I’ll be following her…soon enough.”

Ed shook his head, his brow wrinkling.

“What is it?”

“My heart.”

“You mean, because you lost her?”

“No.” Sig said, still hiding in Izumi’s hair.

“I am dying.”

“What?! How?!” Ed asked, his breath leaving his lungs in a rush.

“She had…a bad episode…a few month’s ago. The doctor told me she would die within the week. I started to nose around in her books, and I found a way…a way to give her a bit longer.”

Roy made a low sound behind Ed, and Ed realized that very soon, he would be violently ill, no matter how he fought it.

“Sig!” Ed gasped in horror. “You didn’t…”

“It was the only way for me Edward, you have to understand.”

“Sig, you gave her your heart?”

Sig nodded.

“It has been hers from the moment I saw her. It seemed only right. I drugged her. She slept through it.”

Ed couldn’t help it when he scrambled away and then was immediately sick into the long grass.

Roy was holding his hair back with hands that were not so steady.


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