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A bit of unconventional Havoc/Hawkeye

I've been a busy little beaver lately. XD

Blame jinxia

Title: Drunken Conflict
Rating: PG-13, language and violence
Pairing: Havoc/Hawkeye
Comments: jinxia, in her pairing post said something about Havoc not standing down in a gunfight, to protect Riza. She bunnied me...
Spoilers: none

“It is to my great pleasure that I present Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc with the title of First Lieutenant, in honor of his steadfast loyalty, sense of duty, and spotless service record over his years in my charge.” Roy finished pinning the additional stars to Havoc’s epaulettes, then stepped back and saluted.

“Thank you very much, sir!” Havoc returned it, with the smartest salute he’d given since graduation from the academy.

The others in the room applauded, which consisted of Hughes, Hawkeye, Armstrong, Breda, Farman, Fury, Edward and Alphonse. Armstrong beamed and sparkled proudly, and Hughes was melodramatically dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief.

“So! Where do we go to celebrate, Havoc?” Breda asked.

“Miller’s! And that’s First Lieutenant to you! They always said I’d get promoted before your lazy ass!” Havoc jibed, digging his knuckles into Breda’s head.

They called it an early night, and they all walked down a few blocks to Miller’s Tavern.

“Beers all around, and everything’s on me, tonight,” Roy said to the bartender.

Hawkeye pulled old man Miller toward her. “Make mine an apple juice, and don’t tell the Colonel.” He nodded, and set to work.

Everyone got appropriately drunk, except for Hawkeye, of course. After a couple hours, Fury and Farman left, because Fury couldn’t keep himself under control anymore. “Lightweight!” Havoc teased as they went out the door. He then tuned his attention back to the woman he was talking to. The Colonel’s present to him was to not interfere with his woman-hunting tonight.

A couple hours later, all that remained was three men in the corner, and Havoc, Breda and Hawkeye. They were reminiscing about the Academy. Hawkeye had graduated a year before they had. “And then when he woke up, he had it all over his face, and his jacket! The Major wouldn’t let him come to breakfast until he cleaned it up!” Havoc cackled, telling a story about how he and another cadet had pranked Breda.

Breda yawned. “I’ve had enough for tonight… See you tomorrow…” he got up and left.

“Why are you still here?” Havoc asked Hawkeye.

“To make sure that you get home at a decent hour, First Lieutenant.”

“I can get used to the sound of that,” Havoc beamed.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You’re insane! Absolutely fucking insane!”

Havoc whirled around on his stool to look toward the table. The three men there were having a heated argument, and one had just jumped up out of his chair.

“Relax, we’re just having a simple discussion!” said one of the seated men.

“You’re insinuating that…. That I….” the man pulled out a gun and shot one of his companions, point blank.

Havoc jumped up and had his own gun out in the flash. He saw Hawkeye do the same next to him. “Put it down, sir.” Havoc said. He forcibly pushed any cloudiness caused by the alcohol out of his head. “If you put it down, we can come to some sort of resolution here.”

“Shut the fuck up, military peon!” he turned his gun to Havoc, who only narrowed his eyes.

“I’m only going to ask you one more time, sir. Put the gun down!”

Hawkeye watched the wounded man, the fact he was gripping his shoulder meant that it wasn’t immediately life-threatening, but he was bleeding profusely. “Sir, let me see to that man!” she stated. “We don’t want any deaths here.”

“You may not, but what about me?” He pointed at himself, but nearly fell over in the process. He’s worse off than me, Havoc thought.

“Mr. Miller, send in a call to the Central headquarters emergency division, please,” Hawkeye said.

Another shot rang out from the drunkard’s gun, but it only hit a liquor bottle right next to Mr. Miller. He froze in place.

“I’ve warned you twice!” Havoc bellowed. He was really pissed off now. “Stand down, and let her see to him!”

Hawkeye caught Havoc’s eye, and they nodded at each other ever so slightly. She was going to try and make it around to the victim, and Havoc was to distract the gunman.

“If you fire at anyone in here again, I will be forced to shoot you.” Havoc said.

The gunman said nothing, but wobbled on his feet as he turned his aim toward Hawkeye, who was halfway to the wounded man. “Hawkeye!” Havoc shouted, but even she wouldn’t be able to react in time.

Bang! Bang!

“I warned you.” Havoc said. “I just got promoted, I really didn’t want to shoot anyone tonight.” He put his gun away, and reached for the phone. “This is First Lieutenant Havoc, I’m here at Miller’s Tavern, six bocks south of headquarters…” He gave a general report of what happened, and he was told that two med teams were on the way.

“Is he okay?” Havoc asked Hawkeye once he was off the phone.

“Yes, neither of them have wounds that are life threatening. The third one’s just passed out.”

Havoc looked at the slumbering man on the floor. “I suppose blood and alcohol don’t mix.”

“Thank you for stepping in, First Lieutenant. I regretfully found myself off my guard.”

“Not a problem,” Havoc scratched the back of his head. His legs wobbled a little underneath him and he dropped into a chair. “I think I’ve had enough for tonight.”

“Would you like me to see you home?” Hawkeye offered as the med teams came in.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that…” Havoc blushed a bit, though he wasn’t sure whether it was from the beer or not.

“It’s a fair trade,” she smiled a bit. She helped him out of his chair, and pulled one of his arms across her back.

When they got outside, Colonel Mustang came up to them. “What happened in there? Are either of you hurt?”

“No, sir… I just don’t have my land legs anymore. If you’ll excuse us…” Havoc said with a drunken salute. Hawkeye sighed.

Hawkeye walkd Havoc home, and the two were mostly silent. She made it a point of knowing where all of the others in the office lived, so she was able to find his apartment building without help. After he gave her his keys, she opened the door, and she helped him upstairs.

“You’re gonna have to help me get these off…” he pointed to his boots.

Hawkeye rolled her eyes. “Clearly the adrenaline spike has made the alcohol rush to your brain faster.” She sat him down on his bed, pulled his boots off of him, and pulled the covers over top of him.

“Sankyuuuu…” he mumbled as he tossed an arm around her in a sloppy hug. She froze under his arm, eyes wide and blushing furiously.

After a moment, she pulled his arm off of her, and left the apartment. “Good night, First Lieutenant.”

Darn you jinxia....*shakes fist at*
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