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Title: Иметь Те Оцепенелые Запястья (To Have Those Numb Wrists)
Pairing(s): Roy x Ed, Envy x Ed
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of it's characters/content
Warnings (overall): yaoi, angst, fluff, non-con, bondage, mind-fuck, torture, heartache, gore (prolly gonna add more ._.)
Gift for: Mahoubunnybell for x-mas ^_^


...20 Days into Love...

Roy's pace increased, thrusting into Ed harder and faster, running his tongue on the small of the blonde's back, breathing his way to Ed's neck, sending shivers down his spine. He swore to himself that he could never tease Ed ( about his sexuality ) again. Already it had been almost two hours, trying everything; from different positions to head, to stroking, to just about everything else. There was one thing, however, that hadn't been discussed or tried out between the two. That thing was kinks, and Roy wanted to know Ed's ( possibly more than he wanted to be Fuhrer ).

"Hey...let's break..." he panted, starting to slow, like a mechanic response to being clicked off. He pulled out of his lover, a sticky, wetness left behind, along with the pestering feeling of way too much lube being stuck all over him. He plopped down next to Ed, his pants changing to calm breaths in seconds. "There's something we should discuss..."
"What's that...?" Ed gasped out.
"Things that turn you on; that make you want this every night..."
"I do want it!"
"Mm...maybe I explained it wrong." he said, sitting up and using his palm to wipe away sweat on his cheeks. "Ed I want to know your kinks, or things that make you...more in the mood." he said, thinking out his words.
A long silence.
"I...I don't really know what my kinks are..."
"Anything extra you want to add on?"
"I'm not sure...I don't think so."
"Well...we'll just have to experiment."

Roy's eyes had long since glazed over.

His hair was still matted, his body not taken care of like it should have been.

He just layed there, entirely empty, watching the stars.

"Wait! I don't know if I want to do this..."

Roy glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow. Ed fidgeted at that stare of his, his wrists clicking against the headboard of the bed, the handcuffs twisting around the wood, the skin hurting under the metal. A long rag was tied around each of his ankles, then to the foot of the bed, Ed barely able to move them.

"And why is that?"
"I don't think I'm ready."
"Well, let me reassure you." he said, pulling out a long rag that, thankfully, wasn't so dirty, and pushed it ( with effort ) into Ed's mouth and tying it back, not too tight. "There. Better?"
A muffled, angry-sounding response.

Roy slid his still clothed body over Ed's naked one, letting the texture and feel of his shirt set into his stomach and chest; the same with his pants and buttskirt on his legs. It was such a sexy feeling, and it made the teen tremble a bit under his weight. He smelled perfect ( Ed noticed ), his musk rushing into Ed's nostrils, making him dizzy with excitement. He watched Roy begin to unbutton his shirt, taking it off and tossing it somewhere in the room. The bastard undid the button on his pants even slower, Ed's ankles writhing a bit to try and lean forward into his stomach ( he failed, however ).

When the older man was entirely undressed, it was like looking at a dream. He looked perfect, and not perfect at the same time. Roy's body was shaped better than any oriental man he had ever met, his chest defined well ( but not too much ), his stomach powerful, and his hands dragging along his skin seductively. Ed swallowed hard, biting down on the rag in his mouth, trying to work it around. Roy leaned in again on the boy, this time staying there, kissing him at first lightly, but then deeper, moving to his neck to suck the skin on it.

Ed couldn't believe himself; how easily he was pulled into seducement. Mustang sat himself on Ed's stomach, and just feeling his erection against his bellybutton made him shiver under the man's lips. His fingers soothingly moved through the blonde's hair, rubbing his scalp affectionately, as he sucked hard, then, on Ed's neck, already seeing the bruise that would form after.

Ed watched Mustang pull out a familiar bottle of lubricant, moistening his fingers in it, his other hand moving Ed's legs up on to his shoulders, the rags on his ankles tightening. Slowly he passed a finger past Ed's sphincter, working another in and starting to move him open, leaning in to kiss him again, seeing the boy's somewhat worried expression.

"It'll be alright," he said quietly, placing his forehead against Ed's. "You'll be just fine..It's just like all the other times."
Ed nodded a little, still shaking.
"Trust me?"
Another nod.

Stretching him further, getting a pained moan from the boy, he positioned himself as well as he could, and then pushed his cock in, moving slowly, seeing Edward relax under him. This wasn't so bad. Yes, it was going to get faster, but it wasn't so bad now. Roy's hand went around Ed's own length, trailing his thumb lightly over it, causing a tickle of pleasure. He moaned through the gag, encouraging Roy even more. For some reason, he leaned in and pulled the gag out, watching him pant more evenly.

His hand returned to keep Ed's legs up, while moving faster now, the man's face flushing some, but no noises escaping his throat. Unlike Edward, who was making his share of sounds, especially now that they had begun to quicken, his relaxation gone away and his momentum overwhelming him. Though he wasn't exactly thinking clearly at the time, Ed wondered how good his life would be, coming home to this every night: a comfortable home, a lover he could trust ( hopefully; that gag move disheartened him ), and...well, sex?


Envy rammed the teen's body into the wall, his eyes furious.

"That asshole killed me twice! TWICE!" he screamed, kicking Ed's leg, or what he could catch of it.

Ed simply sat there, letting this monster slowly kill him. His cheeks were tear-stained, and dirty from his constant abuse, as well as bloody ( from his very own lover ). He had already vommited twice, and he felt horribly close to it again; his eyes blank and dull, not even stopping to blink.

"Are you even hearing me?" he snapped, grabbing Ed's neck, beggining to strangle him, which somewhat snapped Ed back to reality, forcing him to look up at Envy. He was dropped and hit against the wall again, the cloth around his newly tied wrist starting to peel away, exposing the shredded flesh under it. "You're going to make me human...You're going to do it NOW."
No response. Another hit.
"Do you hear me?!"
"Yes! I fucking hear you!" Ed suddenly yelled. "And I'm not doing one damn thing for you! NOT ONE!"

Envy went oddly quiet then ( maybe realizing he wasn't going to get what he wanted? ). It took minutes for him to walk out of the room, slamming the door shut, Ed sitting there, unsure of what to think, until Envy came back, pouring a bucket of thick liquid all along the floor, and the walls. The smell was powerful, like kerosene. He formed his hand into a solid spike and scraped forward against the ground, igniting a spark to drop on the fluid, which instantly set ablaze, Ed's legs quickly moving away from it.

"Then you...are of no use to me." Envy said, staring at the fire, slowly turning and walking out the door.


The blonde haired military woman kicked at the door, finally able to break it in, instantly aiming her pistol to fire at something she couldn't see. When nothing came at her, she proceeded into the building, already smelling the wood burning. Several soldiers followed and covered her, aiming their guns through the rooms, Maes Hughes going after Riza.

"I'm hoping you smell that-" he started.
"No. Kerosene. This house is burning."

Riza had come to another door, trying to ram it open, Maes helping. This door in particular seemed sealed to the walls. Riza shot each corner and together, Hughes and Riza kicked the door in, horrified at what they saw...

But kind of comforted, too.


Ed could barely breathe, struggling as hard as he could, despite the pain in his wrist. His cough had gotten worse, the smoke from the fire trying to suffocate him. He couldn't stop panicking, watching the fire get closer to him, until it actually wrapped around him. Ed squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself ) and, pathetic to say since he was so young, he was ready to die).

But instead of feeling that horrid burning pain, instead of his skin being peeled away, the fire seemed to simply cradle him, and give off to him a comforting warmth. He stared up at the fire, watching it lick the air in a wild manner, refusing to harm him. Without realizing it, the bonds on his wrists were burnt away, his hand pulled up by the fire, and his fingers interlocked with it.

Ed swore he was in Roy's arms, feeling that same sensation he felt when his lover was against him. Even through the intimidating look the fire had, he could have made out that sly, handsome bastard's figure. So he let his fingers close and get taken.


"He was what?" the soldier repeated.
"When I went in, he was being held by the Colonel, and he disapeared soon after."
"Colonel Roy Mustang was found dead hours ago. That's impossible."
"You wanted to know what I saw, and so I told you. The leuitenant colonel told you the same thing."
"Alright," the soldier rubbed his brow. "So where is Fullmetal's body?"
"Nowhere on the premises."
"You just said you saw him-"
"I did." Riza repeated, annoyed. "But now he's gone. What did you want me to do about this?"


Edward would probably never know why he saw Roy in that fire, but he also would probably never give a damn. He saw him, and actually found him, so there were no complaints.

"Is this heaven?" he asked, staring up at the dark haired man.
"Yeah, something like that." The usual sardonic response.
"Pretty sappy." Ed snorted, sitting up and looking around. "Nothing but plants everywhere."
"I don't think they modeled it for us specifically, do you?"
"No, can't say they did. I hate plants."



ROY: I don't think they modeled it for us specifically, do you?
EDO: No, can't say they did. I hate plants. (*cough* especially god damn palm trees *cough*)

i said nothing >_>

so yeah, the end! lemme know what you think ^^;; short? omg yes and im sorry for that, but u gotta realize...i've been DYING to get to the ending ^^;; especially seeing ppl's reactions to roy. bein all like NUUUU~~~~~!!!! emo ded roy >_O anyways...


So there ya go. : D

oh, and a small favor? for anyone who knows kanji/katakana, i need some help! im painting something, and i need the word 'bondage' translated into kanji or katakana. either one, doesnt matter, but i do need it! since my computer is dumb and my jap instalation thing isn't working, could you possibly make it an image file and then post it in your comment? i'd be eternally grateful!!! T_T

that's all! thnx! : D
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