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Look Elicia, your big brother Edward is here!

In May of 06' myself (as Hughes) and shindou_san (as Gracia) will be taking Elicia to Animazement and to Otakon. I finished making her this evening and thought you all might like to see her parade of cuteness! 

I bought this baby doll *thinks* a while ago in preparation for our Hughes Family cosplay. She was just a little bald baby with blue eyes and no eyebrows or eyelashes with a plain white face. I thought she was cute enough for our cosplay though. Last night I had a dream and had to make her more interesting. I cut up an old shitty cosplay wig and well...glued it to her head. I also fixed her face up with some pastels. All in all I think I got her looking fairly accurate. {She's in ep. 7 style}
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