Just another crazy LJ-er (inane_nana) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Just another crazy LJ-er

Request... of sorts

What? You mean no one else gets emo and needy before a new chapter? Well there, I cope by asking stupid questions... XD

Would anyone happen to know of any Roy/Ling fics/drabbles out there? I figured that they'd be everywhere, especially after chapter 48 and their 'Clash of the futureTitans" introduction. I'd like to see where the fandom would take this pairing... Hey, don't boo at me; I've seen much more bizare :P

Second question. Would anyone be interested in translating a Hughes/Roy doujin that's been eating my brains? No smex, just a preseries that just /look/ awesome! I still need to get permission to post it here, but if that were to be possible, would anyone be interested?

*bats eyelids suggestively*

Pretty please?

PS: Oh, and if anyone would like to share their coping mechanism as they wait for the coming chapter, that may help... You know, group support or something. >_>
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