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Convention photo request

I hope this isn't considered horrible, I'm sure it's considered off-topic... it doesn't directly have anything to do with FMA, but this is pretty much the best place I can think of to go for this. Delete it if necessary. ^^

I've been having some computer problems recently, which have now resulted in the loss of a year's worth of digital photos. Luckily most of them weren't treasured irreplaceable things, but almost every photo from every convention I attended in the past year is gone (including pictures of myself from said conventions). Now, I know a lot of people here attend a lot of conventions and take a lot of nice pictures. And I know a lot of people here can be very helpful. What I'm looking for is people who have photos from the cons I attended, who would be willing to either email or filesend me full-resolution copies of some of their pictures, so I can rebuild some of those photos, both of my own costumes and of other awesome cosplayers I've seen. I'd really appreciate any help I can get on this. ^_^

The conventions I'm looking for photos from (all 2005):
*Ohayocon (half of these were saved so not as important)
*Anime Detour (especially the cosplay contest/Ed and Al cosplayers at the end)
*Acen (especially the FMA photoshoot)
*Sogencon (if anyone has photos from Fullmetal Fantasy, I never had good ones anyway)
*Anime Iowa

Anyone who responds to this, thank you very much! I wish I didn't have to do this, but this is pretty much what's left for getting at least some replacement for these pictures.
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