Just another crazy LJ-er (inane_nana) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Just another crazy LJ-er

Hughes... again

I know someone's going to whap me on the head for asking so many questions, but...

There's something that's always bothered me with Hughes' assassination scene.
When Roy finally picks up the phone to talk to his buddy, there's a speach bubble with Hughes 'last words' in it.

Now, I know it's written small, and most likely it isn't real text, more something like an onomatopea, but can anyone figure out what he might have said? I can't understand Japanese for anything, so I apologize if this question is absolutely stupid or impossible to answer.

For reference, this this is the page I'm talking about... ^^;
So, yeah. Can anyone figure out what Hughes' last words were? Or what's the last thing Roy heard from his pal.

Second question, Havoc mentions that Roy made a promise to Brigadier General Hughes, presumably to go to the top. Does anyone know if there are direct references to such a promise, either in the manga or in the Gaidens.. ?

Sorry for bugging you guys. ... XD
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