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I keep seeing these fanfics about Alphonse getting his body back, and nine out of ten of them usually have him automatically being grown up. But I can't help but wonder if that's correct?

Ever since I began watching/reading fma, I always assumed that if/when Al was restored, he'd be back to being a child. Maybe it's just because of his voice or something, but my thought was that even if Al's mind and soul continue to learn and mature (or maybe they can't mature without a physical frame to house them, and he just learns, I don't know), the body that he's going to get is the one he left off with. Or am I just crazy?

I guess another possibility is that if/when the brothers find a way to restore themselves, they'll be able to tailor their bodies to their own liking as long as they have the materials needed to accommodate their desires. (Or maybe they won't even need materials if they have the Philosopher's Stone to pick up the slack, and ow my head hurts gotta stop thinking about thii~iis...)

*baps self on head* Bad Sunny! Bad! Do your homework before your mother disembowels you with a spatula.

I run away now.

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